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Clarity for Life aims to help you thrive during this period of unprecedented change.

Module 1 - Your Ancestors and Allies

Module 2 - Preparing for Change

Module 3 - The New Children


One effective process in making CHOICES
Imagination/desire > brainstorm and research possibilities > observe your feelings > intuition > visualisation > preparation for dynamic change > enthusiasm > common sense > discernment for enrolling the right people > crystal clear communication > focus/ attention to detail > feedback > commitment > overseeing/ taking personal charge > expectation > allowing for the unexpected > watching for signposts and synchronicities > flexibility > follow through > receiving in gratitude > enjoyment > expansion > appreciation
When presented with a number of choices - make lists, diagrams or charts to assess the details - the most vibrant and positive energy actually leaps off the page - feel the feelings and go for it. Whether you’re feeling stuck or inventive you may like to think of a project - any project - and give it a go with my formula - modifying it along the way to suit yourself.