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by Cedar Rivers

The New Frontier Facebook Group

Launched on 21/22 October 2012 - two months before the December solstice.

You are welcome to join us.

'The New Frontier' is an open group designed for you to share and discuss your epiphanies, insights and photographs of the true nature of our being - the emerging New Earth - and our experiences of Oneness with the Infinite. Humanity has traversed many frontiers and you are encouraged to express your notions of The New Frontier.

The old paradigm of life on Earth has been changing for a very long time as is evident in the collapse of outmoded ways based on greed and power-over. Conscious way-showers and sensitives are daily co-creating a new paradigm by what we choose to focus upon, the thoughts we have, our intuitive messages, and the actions we perform with awareness.  Read the full article here.





Now available The New Frontier: multidimensionality


Full colour eBook

ISBN eBook 978-1-45250-676-0


Luminous humans are the midwives and way-showers who are unveiling the mysteries of the multiple realms of existence. The invisible worlds are being revealed. Now, anyone with a digital camera and an interest in spirit beings can learn to photograph the vast variety of life-forms that inhabit our space with us. The New Frontier demonstrates how to journey through the remarkable dimensional worlds to photograph and interact with spirit orbs, nature spirits, light beings, UFOs and extraterrestrials.





Crossing the New Frontier of Multidimensionality and Oneness

by Cedar Rivers

You are welcome to share on your website, forums, blogs, social media.

We may ask ourselves: How will my life function in the presence of timelessness? As time subsides linear time becomes obsolete. This is what is meant by the end of time. Think about that. Previous timelines of past, present and future will all be simultaneous in the quantum fields of the New Frontier. We learn to live with full awareness in the moment, much like a young child who involves all the senses to give tota-l attention to the activity at hand.

We will discover the gracious art of creating through the heart with love and gratitude, and once awakened to this, there will be no desire to revert to old outmoded ways of living. We will have access to all information that ever was, is, and will be, as we move into the higher expressions of ourselves, and participate in becoming an entirely new species as we metamorphose from homo sapiens into homo luminous.