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Contact with Beings of The Invisible Realms
Written by Cedar Rivers   


When I was a very young child I had a fascination with the faeries and other little lights that made their homes in the soft moss near the big tree in the back yard. Sadly, religion unceremoniously squashed my faeries and little lights for fifteen years until I had a bittersweet experience of a near-death experience due to injuries sustained in a serious car accident in 1967.

My injuries were so severe that many times I passed over and came back... desperately wanting to be released from my pain into the soft embrace of the glowing Light. Reluctantly, after a gentle voice from a glorious being told me that 'You have not yet done what you came to do' I realised I had to return and was fascinated to watch my consciousness re-enter my broken body through the area where I was operated on.


I came back very changed although it took years to integrate as I suppressed the truth of what had happened because my loved ones were in great fear of my experiences and I didn't wish to upset them further. My comfort however was in discovering that death did not bring the hell and damnation that my religion had taught me to fear. I gave away my bible, stopped going to church and slowly began to seek  a spirituality more in keeping with what I had personally experienced of The Divine and a vastly different reality to the one I accepted as real.

I have been on a intense journey of discovery for over half a lifetime now and an absorbing aspect of my search has been an intimate connection with the worlds - invisible to the eyes - yet visible to some clairvoyants and happily for me - via the delights of my digital camera.


Throughout the 90's I had the great blessing to share a lot of time with a dear friend Kinsley Jarrett, a fun-loving humble man and gifted clairvoyant, musician, channeller and artist. Kinsley enthusiastically invited me into his world of nature spirits, animal spirits, aboriginal spirits, ascended masters, intraterrestrials and extraterrestrials with his illustrations, stories of personal interactions and teachings on how we may approach these beings of the finer vibrational realms via our higher consciousness and have authentic experiences with them.

Since January 2007 the faeries and little lights that I played with as a child began entering my life again. More to the point, my digital camera helped reveal what has been there all along. Through the lens I see much of what Kinsley introduced me to, and although he has now passed on, I faithfully follow his teaching to open my heart and approach all beings with Love.