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Our Galactic Heritage 

Articles - Orbs and Light Beings
Written by Cedar Rivers   


How do you imagine you and your friends will respond when the truth is unveiled and we learn unequivocally that we are a tiny part of an immense cosmos that is teeming with lifeforms and diverse cultures - multitudinous races of great differences - some humanoid, some not - and personally see the appearance of spacecraft in the skies?

Extraterrestrials have been among us for a very long time - whether you believe it or not - or whether you have experienced it and accepted it or not. It is just a matter of 'right timing' before spacecraft de-cloak and we have proof of the existence of the extraterrestrials that live in them. It's not about first contact - it's about open contact.

Are humans on earth mature enough to really welcome diverse galactic cultures?

Are we evolved enough to interact with them with love in our hearts?

Are we wise enough to welcome those who do not look, talk, walk and present like us?

Are we aware of intergalactic protocol and etiquette?

Etherics - Thought-Forms and Luminous Spirit Beings

Thoughtforms, Lightwaves, Energy Forms, Star Beings, Energy Beings, Etheric Beings, Plasmas, Space Beings, Luminous Beings, Cosmic Beings, Spirit Beings, Extraterrestrials, Intraterrestrials, Nature Spirits, Light Beings, Orbs, Spheres, Wise Ones, Discarnate Souls... In attempting to name the Beings that we are photographing I have decided upon calling them Etherics.

Spirit Wolf

The more I interact with these Etherics, the more it becomes apparent that our language is very frequently inadequate, and so if we really are intent on creating a world of love and compassion we may very well need to create more appropriate language to do so. These Energies appear to use a loving form of holographic telepathy, telempathy and imprinting which communicate so much more than mere words. Nevertheless, words, feelings and thoughts are what we have currently to deliver our intentions and communications. We need to all choose again from the global fascination and preoccupation with argument, conflict, war, terror, competition and materialism and choose instead a fascination with beauty, joy and all the elements that enhance life. With constant vigilance we can erase the words of war and judgement from our language as well as from our thoughts, feelings and actions. It begins with ourselves.

As examples: I photograph orbs - not shoot or capture them; there are immense groupings of spacecraft in the sky - not armadas or legions of craft; unusual forms are not creepy, fearsome or scary - they are just different from us ; we may choose not to watch or read stories of war and violence; the judgemental words of 'should', 'must' and 'ought' need not cross our thoughts or lips; our default mode can be love not fear, joy not depression; integrity not manipulation; and so on...

It's fascinating to watch the mist or plasma form in the light of the flash and even more fascinating to connect with the Visitors - Nature Spirits, Animal Spirits, Garden Custodians and Others. For some years now I have been photographing hundreds of etheric beings who inhabit the finer dimensions.  Our thoughts and feelings impact across dimensions - and our reality is being shaped by visible and invisible energies. Magic may just be another word for dimensional awareness and intentional focus on the invisible. The Light is the New Way - the New Reality -It  is already here and available to all. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are constantly moving through multiple dimensions.

Etheric Being

Politics and business need not be combative arenas of competition. We see signs of this already changing as we witness many more individuals, corporations and governments engaging in co-operation and humanitarianism and what is good for all, - over one-upmanship and building ivory towers to satisfy the individual ego and wants. Still, and not surprisingly, main stream media reporting of these good news stories are invariably cynical, negative or fear inducing.

The Lights in the Skies - Orbs, UFO's and Spirit Beings are allowing themselves to be seen by numerous people in many countries all over the world. These interactions bring with them familiarity which is helping to counteract the cover-ups, denials and fear-driven reporting of the past. If you are having contact, do find a positive means of exchange and prepare your communications and questions as you would for a meeting with an honoured mentor. As with all things, when you focus on the highest - you'll attract it. When such contact has been established we may then ask for their assistance and wisdom on issues such as cultural organisation, restoration of degraded environments and technological inventions that add to the quality of life on Earth for all. 
I have photographed hundreds of various souls and intelligences showing up in ether and/or orbs.

ET Meeting

Kinsley Jarrett (now passed) illustrated this vision he experienced in the early 90's on the mid-north coast of NSW Australia.

He said of the encounter: "..... it was as if I were looking up at the base of a huge metallic craft which was lowering itself slowly to become suspended about twelve feet above the ground. A ray of silvery white light shone from an apperture at the base of the craft. A naked dark skinned Being crept out of the nearby bushes and walked towards the light. Simultaneously a Being in a space outfit walked towards the other figure.

The Space being seemed to greet the dark figure and after a hand gesture presented a colourful holographic image of a whirring pyramid. The dark skin Being responded by presenting a young plant to the Space Being. This vision of exchange of greetings really touched my heart. There was an understanding that this event took place aeons ago. It would seem that the early aboriginals who inhabited this land in those times knew of our Space Brothers and Sisters long before the Australian whites. I do feel that the preservation of the land was uppermost in the minds and hearts of both the Beings represented in the vision."