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Orbs - Spheres of Light
Articles - Orbs and Light Beings
Written by Cedar Rivers   

These phenomena are variously known as Orbs, Balls of Light, Sheres of Light, Merkabahs, Souls, Spirits, Plasma, Entities or Luminosities. I sometimes affectionately call these Orbs SOLS as I like to call a spade a spade and a SOL a SOUL. With an added 'U' - we have what I believe they are - SOULS - Beings. I am quite convinced that they are intelligences from this, and other Invisible Realms.

My book and eBook The New Frontier: multidimensionality was released in August 2012


Photographing Orbs

Sensitives and clairvoyants have long been aware of other-worldly presences, and now our readiness and the ever-heightening vibrations on the planet, along with obvious cosmic influences, are providing ideal conditions for these intelligences to become more visible and interactive.

A digital camera with the flash on helped along with a soft, enquiring attitude is all you need to begin taking photos of Orbs. They are always present, yet night-time usually offers the best conditions. Continuing reports from all around the world indicate that more and more people are seeing Spheres of Light and Spirit Beings without the aid of cameras. We can develop this skill by holding the intention of seeing them, and softly looking at the mid-space or out to the periphery of our view. However, until we can do this, our digital and video cameras are fantastic ways to have the life in the invisible realms revealed to us.

Orbs help us increase our awareness of life. As individuals focus to expand consciousness, there are many reports of intensive interactions by Orbs highlighting playfulness, aiding the advancement of our souls, sharing healing and life-enhancing technologies, journeying into the unknown, expertise for healing Mother Earth, and joyous reconnection with soul families. I find intuition and telepathy the best approaches in communicating with these intelligences. Treat them as you would treat an honoured guest in your home.



Journeys Out of the Body

The Orbs are also US as we truly are. When we die, or travel out of the body as in lucid dreaming, near-death experiences and remote viewing, we have no need in the etheric of our human form with limbs, head and torso. The Soul - that eternal and immortal aspect of self - may transfigure into an efficient vehicle in the form of a sphere, octahedron or similar - a merkabah.

We may use a Sphere of Light when we venture out of our body into what I call The Real as distinct from the illusion most of us live in. We can journey out-of-body by focussed intent and deep meditation. My photographs reveal the sphere as by far the most common form, however I have also seen several octahedron shaped ones, bauble orbs and now massive plasma entities. I have coined the term Etherics for these plasma entities. Others call them Lightwaves or Plasmas. A new language and new methods of communicating and learning are developing around Orbs.

As the quickening progresses to higher and finer vibrations of reality, and as we become very disciplined in our focus, portals and accessibility to other realms and dimensions will open to reveal new and fascinating worlds.


Iridescent Blue

What Are Orbs?

Orbs are not only us, - they are also discarnate souls, incoming souls prior to rebirth, angelic and ascended beings, mentors,  healers, guides, super-intelligences, extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials and beings such as nature spirits, faeries, angels, other etheric souls and aspects of our own multi-dimensional selves.

We are at an immensely exciting place in our evolution where many are achieving profound consciousness, and the illusion of Earth life is rapidly being seen for what it is - a learning environment for the Soul. Throughout the decade of 2011 to 2020 we will experience great connections with the beings of 'the invisible realms' and come to know that we are indeed One - all connected.

How will our study of, and interactions with the Orbs and other intelligences develop?

Always at a pace that we can handle.

The answer is always Love.

The question is: What Now?



Green Orb

At the Herb Garden.

All Photos by Cedar


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