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Orbs - Benevolent Spirits
Written by Cedar Rivers   

The Invisible Made Visible

Where were you when you took your first photograph of an Orb? This may become one of those quintessential questions that ranks up there along with Where were you when Princess Diana died? and Where were you when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon? And Where were you when the World Trade Centre collapsed? Why? I believe that when Orbs appear in your photographs, they mark the beginning of a life-changing event by extending an invitation into the relatively unexplored worlds of the invisible realms.

My Introduction to Orbs

I'll never forget my first experience photographing these luminous spheres of light. I was in the coastal city of Woy Woy just north of Sydney with a dear friend, Nina. We were watching an evening procession of lanterns at the 2007 Australia Day celebrations. A magnificent pelican lantern carried by four local luminaries passed through the smoke produced by a nearby Aboriginal smoking ceremony. At that precise moment I poised my brand new Sony 7.2 megapixel camera and clicked. I remember looking at the screen on my camera and asking myself and Nina: What on earth are those balls of light?

Aboriginal Cleansing Ceremony at Woy Woy NSW. Orbs join the Australia Day procession.

no orbs

The other side of the smoke.

Australia Day Lantern Festival 2007.


Later that night on MacMasters Beach after the Australia Day Celebrations.

Little did I know that this innocent question would lead me on a journey of intense personal study. Indeed, I have used my trusty camera to take photos most nights and many days ever since. Later on that same memorable night in February 2007, my inner voice urged me to take my camera down by the ocean at MacMasters Beach. Years earlier I had learned that it was wise to follow this intuitive voice, as it would invariably lead me to greater discovery and on interesting adventures. Not surprisingly, more Orbs appeared in the photographs that I took on the beach that night.

Party Time - Fun for All

A week later I went to Nina's birthday party. She had invited everyone to dress as faeries or football players or football playing faeries, and children and adults alike joined in the frivolity and spirit of celebration. A terrific variety of events had been organised and everyone was having great fun so I walked around and took lots of party snaps. I was overjoyed to find Orbs in the majority of my photos including two vibrant and spectacular ones that seriously warranted my attention.


Pearlescent Orb joins ‘human faeries’ Fiona, Dionne and Cate.


Awakening to Other Worlds

Something profound was beginning to stir in me. I had been on a deeply spiritual journey for decades and now it was deepening. For some time life had been synchronous for me, and now synchronicity was becoming even more instant and miraculous. I call this ‘something’ High Magic. Some others call it Living in the Now. New and pleasant energies were intensifying within, and I found myself entering the much, much lighter worlds of The Mystery.

Perhaps these Orbs had something to do with these new energies or were a reflection of my readiness for greater cosmic awareness. What if they were messengers from, or portals to, the mysterious Oneness?

I was beginning to hear stories about people all over the world photographing Orbs while using their digital cameras, and that film-makers frequently needed to edit them out of their movies. Even though I was endlessly fascinated by these subjects, I deliberately stayed away from the work of other enthusiasts for some months as I wanted to reach my own conclusions.

I had already experienced some skepticism among a few of my friends who had discounted them as mere camera anomalies, tricks of light, or dust and moisture particles. I recognised these doubts as valid possibilities so I experimented and indeed found that many ‘orbs’ could be explained away in this fashion.


Even Sceptics Are On the Journey to Higher Consciousness


Individuals who experience this world as purely physical and rational, which is their normal world, seem to need a certain scepticism, otherwise they would have to accept that there is something beyond the obvious going on, perhaps something spiritual or paranormal. The possibility of otherworldly existences can create genuine fear in people which is  a very real and understandable fear of the unknown.

On more than one occasion I have been standing beside a disbeliever, both with our cameras in hand, taking photos at the same time in the same direction, and my photos will reveal Orbs while theirs will not. Why is that? I have also experienced sceptics changing their opinions after having their own other-worldly experiences and epiphanies. I choose not to attempt to convince anyone of anything. Allow everyone their own journeys. In this adventure patience is the key - leave it to the Orbs to help sort it all out.


Anastasia’s Sphere of Light and Energy


Sphere of Light with Anastasia


There is a series of books by Vladimir Megre from The Ringing Cedars publishers that explore the life of a woman called Anastasia who exhibits all the heightened abilities of a fully realised human being. She brings practical solutions for humanity suggesting new gardening and parenting techniques and ideas of how we may evolve in consciousness and creativity. She was orphaned as an infant and left to survive largely on her own in the cedar forests of Siberia. The story goes that Anastasia was raised by a bear and a sphere of light and energy that guided and protected her.

These books and related material can be purchased from the publisher by clicking here.


Do Orbs Create Crop Circles?

The appearance of crop circles in grain fields all over the world has intensified over the past two decades. By far the greatest number of these designs materialise in fields in the Wessex Triangle in southern England beginning around April and culminating prior to the harvest in August and September. Orbs are frequently photographed in and around these formations and seem to be intricately connected with this phenomenon; indeed they may even create them. I had the good fortune to be in Wiltshire to see the first video filmed by a local farmer which showed three Orbs moving over a field on his farm in the early hours of the morning. At The Barge Inn, the local hub for croppies, I watched the video over and over many times and was astonished to see that three small Orbs descended and circled over the field three times leaving a large and intricate design in their wake, in just twelve short seconds. There is now a preponderance of evidence by croppies reporting the link between Orbs and crop circles. We may eventually employ the advanced ‘technology’ that Orbs use to create crop circles.

The Mystery Reveals More of Itself

Humans have explored the length and breadth of every country on Earth; we have walked on the moon and invented technology that enables us to explore the far reaches of the galaxies. Now even ‘ordinary people’ can be open to new opportunities and we don’t have to travel anywhere to find them. When we are open, willing and welcoming, the Orbs and other Radiant Beings of Light simply come to us. Advanced camera technology has introduced them to us and many who are heightening their abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, imagination and intuition are interacting with them without the aid of cameras. Readers will be aware that humanity is on the brink of a huge leap in consciousness and that we are now set to make profound discoveries within the non-material worlds of Inter-Dimensionality, which may turn out to be The New Frontier.

You Can Photograph Orbs Too

Observing Light Orbs

One of my greatest delights is teaching others how to photographs Orbs, as it is not only great fun it also has the potential of opening new worlds to them, as it has done for me. Children are a particular joy to teach as they are open, unselfconscious, and curious. In my experience they are always successful on their first attempt. It is important to use gentle encouragement and not to pressure an other into participating. As with all satisfying lea rning, readiness is all, and every individual’s journey advances with their own interests and at their own pace.

Digital and Video Cameras

Any digital cam era with the flash turned on, or video camera with infra-red capabilities are ideal and the best results are usually achieved between dusk and sunrise or in a darkened or semi-dark room, although they may be photographed in broad daylight as well. They seem to particularly enjoy being around children, animals and music and as my photos attest, they clearly love zooming around in rain and storms.

Connecting with Orbs - A Soft Approach

Your intention and approach are important. Treat them as you would an honoured guest in your home. This may be done either by thought or in spoken conversation. Offer a warm and open invitation for them to show up, treat them with respect, generosity and kindness. Ask how you may serve them, thank them for their presence and farewell them when it is time for you to leave.

Whether one-on-one or at my Observing Light Orbs gatherings, I always encourage participants to be mindful of the power of language - to take the 'war' out of our language - thus we never ‘shoot’ or ‘capture’ them - we always ‘photograph’ them and we don’t go ‘hunting’ for them, we ‘look’ for them or ‘commune’ with them. Approach all beings from the Invisible Realms in a state of soft enquiry and gratitude and always, always trust what your intuition tells you. We are approaching a complex new stage in our evolution where curiosity, intuition and imagination may well prove to be our greatest allies.

Communicating with Orbs and Other Inter-Dimensional Beings

Whenever I don’t want Orbs in my photos I simply communicate the thought ‘Not this one please’ and sure enough the photo will be Orb-less. Similarly they follow my requests to ‘come for a walk’, ‘move over there’, ‘go higher in the tree’, ‘on top of the wardrobe’, ‘beside my son’ and ‘meet you in Melbourne’ and so on. They respond instantly and appear to know what I’m thinking even before I do. I feel a warm excitement - a gentle electrical tingling and an alert ‘fullness’ in my body when they are around. On countless occasions they have urged me to get out of bed between the times of 3am and 4am, to collect my camera off its altar and come out to play. The stillness and silence of this time is optimal for open receptivity to these entities.

Beyond the third dimension of gross matter lie innumerable life-forms living in the higher vibrational frequencies both here on Earth and in the Universe. Orbs emanate the frequencies of love and joy. As you progress in your discovery, watch for other representations of the Invisible Realms, from very, very large to tiny, as they will surely appear to meet you when you become open to them. If they are too unusual for your sensibilities, firmly ask them not to appear and they will usually respect your request.


My book and eBook The New Frontier: multidimensionality was released in August 2012

Crossing the New Frontier to Oneness

Spheres of Light by Cedar


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