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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 09:29



The Theatre of Our Birth

The marvellous and inspirational Barbara Marx Hubbard at the Uplift Festival at Byron Bay on the Solstice December 2012


Solstice 21 December - Uplift Festival Byron Bay

Barbara Marx Hubbard introduces the Uplift Festival - 'a communion of pioneering souls'

Uplift Festival - We are the One. - Click for program.

Earth Rainbow Network - Jean Hudon

December 21, 2012 ~ Solstice Cosmic Meditation

'After a careful preparation process over the last 3 years, we are finally arriving at the Cosmic Portal in the Time Continuum where the aggregated forces of change that have been relentlessly stirring the awakening of souls in embodiment on Earth as to their Original, Infinite, Divine Nature, will pass the point of no return in their ongoing ascensional drive, evermore pushing this sphere of evolutionary learning up the higher consciousness and vibrational realms into which all things seemingly material and all forms of Life on Terra Gaia will soon breach to continue their ever-going expansion and enlightenment process.'




Activating the Pineal Gland and the God Cell in the Heart


The conditions are ripe for large swathes of humanity to access the God Space in the heart and connect it through the activated pineal to access All That Is.


Click to listen to an interesting interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek. If you don't have time to listen to it all - I urge you to jump to the two hour mark where Drunvalo speaks about the tiny space plus the sacred space within the heart and what may occur when the pineal is activated in conduction with an opened heart.


Almine teaches there is ONE CELL of the Infinite in the heart that when accessed connects us to the entire cosmos - past, present and future in all timelines.


These two approaches gel with my views on heart, body and mind activations throughout this auspicious Solstice period and continuing throughout 2013.  Humanity has the opportunity now to evolve exponentially. It requires dropping all doomsday scenarios, addictions, and habits in favour of  focussing upon all that is good, positive and sacred.






The Next 18 Years - Kryon

'The revelation to see and actually feel quantum energy …..'  See with quantum eyes  Kryon talks about the New Frontier/New Earth. The Shift lasted for 36 years and we are at the halfway point.


In this Age of Transparency and Information, gender inequities of most religions and age old witch hunts, misogyny, abuse, loathing and slaughter of women is being revealed. Parents, communities, church, state, some of the irresponsible and brutal boys and men seem to be lifting their games - yet how very sad that so many girls and women continue to be sacrificed in order to shine a light on simple human dignity and respect.



A message from Almine

Almine explains the significance of 12/12/12 and what we can do this day to contribute to the birth of something new that starts in 2013.

I completed a divine 12:12 meditation on 12:12:12 ~ I chose 12 words that are meaningful and positive and silently repeated them to myself 12 times ~ focussed intently - 144 positive vibes energised in the world from me to YOU ♥

To assist with your focus


Love, Gratitude, Family, Grace, Discovery, Creativity, Growth, Joy, Harmony, Community, Peace, Abundance,


Authenticity, Possibilities, Beauty, Mastery, Sacred Space, Limitlessness, New Potential, Mystery, Stillness, Oneness, Freedom, Luminosity.


Miracles, Spontaneity, Intuition, Expansion, Magic, Immortality, Transformation, Courage, Pleasure, Generosity, Communication, Fun.


Enlightenment, Contentment, Achievement, Empowerment, Receptivity, Empathy, Trust, Inspiration, Guidance, Transparency, Ecstasy, Manifestation.


Allowing, Clarity, Surrender, Insight, Power, Reflection, Wisdom, Diversity, Energy, Bliss, Perception, Presence.


12 : 12 : 12 Global Unity Meditation

The Master Shift - Global Unity Moment


From my heart to yours in unity, gratitude and love.


Please join in meditating on positive thoughts and visions

for thirty minutes on Wednesday 12 12 12


We are changing the world all throughout this profound time in the history of planet Earth.


Click this link for TIMES for meditation if you wish to synchronise your meditation for peace, harmony and unity.


OR simply begin your meditation at 12.12am or pm.


OR at whatever time works best for you.

Click for Magenta Pixie -  12-12-12 Ascension Gateway (Rainbow Bridge into Zero Point)



On December 12, 2012 at exactly the same moment, the entire world will be uniting in a global meditation to uplift humanity and bring about a positive shift as we enter a new age.






Ancient Egyptians in Australia?

I first began studying these Egyptian glyphs after visiting them in 1996 with a friend. In this video Steven Strong gives a detailed account of his research. Part 1

Aboriginal dreaming stories say that we came from the pleiades.

Part 2


Rewriting Australia's History - The Egyptian Connection

Outrage at the attacks ordered by Netanyahu - religious fundamentalist men with a lust for fighting and a desire to upset peace at any cost. Do check the history of this area and research the motives of the zionists. Please join me in prayer and intention to that this conflict in the Middle East cease immediately before more countries are called in to a war that most do not want. Praying for innocent people on all sides.

This is a link to a streaming by journalist Harry Fear who is broadcasting from Gaza City.

Hear what Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu says about USA



Je t'aime



Tip: Click only if you have time to spare :)




The Present Moment

Nature teaches. The miracle of abundance. By being fully conscious of the present moment we allow the Infinite to provide in miraculous and creative ways.


Who Is Your Songbird?

My Songbird is the Call of The Infinite beckoning me to break free of the illusory worlds of conjured realities into The Real. Her Song is becoming clearer and louder as we approach each other. Beyond time, thought and form ~ a world of beauty, freedom and purposeful creation awaits my discovery and input.



Addiction CAN be worked through and overcome.


Consciousness and Creativity

Equinox on Saturday 22nd September 2012

The Equinox on Saturday 22, September 2012 brings with it a change of season with the onset of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It also ushers in the last season before the much discussed Solstice of December 21, 2012. Volumes have been written about this December date associated with the Mayan Calendar, and the line up of planets with the galactic core, and we can be sure much more will be presented in these next three months.


We have the choice between evolving in a more conscious and creative manner, or devolving by continued cynicism, cruelty and fascination with mind pollutants.


The world will not end - however, it is changing. The undeniable evidence of that change is occurring now. Cosmic influences affect the psyche and the choices humans make. This was very evident, for example, to those who experienced the Harmonic Convergence of 16/17 August 1987 when a massive awakening of thousands, if not millions, began to take place. Most aware people can point to significant dates or epiphanies that catapulted them into more conscious living.  Similar awakenings will become more evident throughout this season and the global focus on the December solstice may be utilised to fuel even greater consciousness.


We are much more than we previously thought or ever imagined. I am one of the many who are presenting photographic proof of life in the 'unseen realms', including other complete and different versions of ourselves. This equinox will heighten our abilities to begin to experience more of our own multidimensionality and our place in the global and cosmic scheme of things - something that the mystics and sages have known about for eons.


I believe humanity is on the brink of a new frontier with the opportunity to see through the illusion to our true selves and to co-create enlightened lives from this new awareness. The key is to truly want it and to focus and welcome it in order to advance what it really means to be human.


The choice is ours. The old paradigm will still exist, and evil, madness, greed, control and bullying will continue to escalate as many of the old guard will simply refuse to turn their preoccupation with smug self-righteousness and life-long conditioning to more positive and life-enhancing pursuits.


Now is the perfect time to commence your Equinox processing and programming. Allow magic in your life. The courageous and adventurous among us will release all blame, shame, regrets, and perceived failures - and for those whose lives are already satisfying and joyous - we may explore and delve deeper and deeper to craft life anew and fully honour the gift of the human form.  Please be present in the Silence to begin your September Equinox processing Now.


Click here for my black and white book and colour eBook 'The New Frontier: multidimensionality' ~ Cedar Rivers




“Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ― Lao Tzu