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2012 The Year of Illumination
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2012 The Year of Illumination

Cedar Rivers


2012 is a year of pivotal change and promises to be a year like no other. Step up and take the lead in your unique way. Spiritual epiphanies will bring remarkable revelations, clarity and perhaps changes in activity, while arduous challenges may require inventiveness and pro-activity like never before. Contemplate the following brief areas and use them as springboards and signposts to have an exceptional year.


1. RESPECT YOURSELF: Everything that matters begins here. Self-love is the key.

2. REMEMBER: Where you came from. Who you are, and live it. What you are here to do, and do it.

3. SIMPLIFY: Live lightly, share what you have, and give what you can. Generosity is good.

4. FEARLESSLY EMBRACE CHANGE: If necessary modify attitudes, career, home, lifestyle, relationships.

5. BE RESPONSIBLE: Balance your finances - whether as an individual, business or government.

6. SELF-RELIANCE: Take care of yourself and others. Grow your own food. Remember others, and the animals and birds.

7. BE STILL: Use fewer words. Listen. Receive. Enquire. Contemplate. Respond. Give.

8. EVOLVE: Filter everything you think, say and do through your Higher Self and High Heart.

9. THE SACRED: Raise your vibrations. Live in a mindful manner. Honour your God:Goddess, Ancestors and your Divinity.

10. CREATE: Initiate, follow your passions and find new ways. Expand your discoveries and learn new skills.

11. FREEDOM: Explore your wildness, new life experiences, broaden borders and heighten humour.

12. UNSEEN REALMS: Consider protocol and interactions when meeting with elementals, inner-earth and starry friends.


Wishing you spectacular creations and many meetings with remarkable Souls in 2012.

2012 asks for resilience, kindness and presence from the very cores of our hearts and minds.

Let's never miss an opportunity to be loving, resourceful and creative in this year of illumination.


Shine On Radiant Lights.

All Love,