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On Becoming a Young Woman
Written by Cedar Rivers   




Darling, your Mum has given us the delightful task

to guide you at this very special time of turning 16.

You are no longer a girl,

you are becoming a young woman

which opens a wonderful wide world of possibilities.


Discover what it means to be a woman,

daughter, sibling and friend.

Deeply contemplate what you would like to

be, do and achieve during

the years and decades ahead.


You know you are greatly loved by

family and friends here on Earth.

Know that you are also cherished by loved ones

in the unseen worlds.

Love yourself too.


Life on Earth is a privilege and a gift

designed for you to explore your creativity, love,

divinity, and service to others.

Think of Earth as a multi-faceted University of Life.

Your learning experiences will continue

until you are a very, very old woman.



absolutely everything you do and encounter

is an opportunity to learn more about yourself

and those around you

and for you to enjoy life to the fullest.


Some people speak of viewing life

as a glass that is 'half full' - they form the status quo;

or 'half empty' - they are the strugglers,

~ however Darling,

I urge you to consider life as a 'glass overflowing' -

Those with this attitude are the courageous ones

who truly live and in doing so

enhance and advance Life on Earth.


Discover all that you love to do

and what your talents and interests are

and pursue them with gusto.

Seek advice from the people you respect

and those who are successful in your eyes.

Learn from everyone - the young ones

as well as the old.


Constantly expand your experiences.

Curiosity, imagination and intuition

are your greatest allies.


Travel to faraway places

and immerse yourself in foreign cultures.

Give generously of yourself ~

and share the best of what you have.

Always remember that expressing your love

is the most important skill of all.


Read these messages given in love to you

on every birthday throughout your life

and remember to bring joy and harmony

to everyone you encounter, and to give

gratitude for every experience along the way.


Happy Birthday Darling




A facebook friend asked her pod to share

some guidance for her daughter who is about to turn 16.

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