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Living Life
Written by Cora Guidote   


Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Mauritania, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Djibouti, Palestinian Territories.  What do all these countries have in common? Sixty percent or more of their total population is less than 30 years old. This is the revolution of the internet generation, the Gen Y's, the indigo's. They're unstoppable. They're dedicated. They're determined. They're out to change the world. Time magazine calls it the YOUTHQUAKE.

Gen Ys/Net gens/Indigos

The youth of today are born re-wired already with some perhaps evolving fast with crystalline cellular structures. Hence they are able to absorb more light and the new energy.

Their growing up digital has had a profound impact on behavior, and brains have been re-wired to produce an uncanny ability to process vast amounts of information, while balancing life between the digital and physical worlds. Net gens live in borderless virtual environments which compel them to break down barriers in the physical world.

Net gens are agents of change that will create a new paradigm in all aspects of life including music, movies, politics, banking and finance, business and education. They want freedom to express and freedom of choice in everything they do. They love to customize and personalize; they are innovative.

They are highly informed and have a need for speed.

They can detect froth, fraud and deceit. They look for integrity and openness when buying or working; they are civic minded, and community service is in their DNA.

Their right brains are more active so they like creative activities, entertainment and socializing at home, at school and at the workplace; they are emotionally sensitive.

They are collaborative and relationship driven.

As employees and managers:

They are collaborative. They dislike hierarchy and will force organizational change in areas of recruitment, compensation, career development and talent supervision (i.e. consulting, outsourcing)


As consumers:

They are known as `pro-sumers' by co-inventing products and services with producers.


As educators and learners:

Having higher IQ levels, they are forcing systems to change toward a student-focused model based on collaboration (many are being home schooled for lack of better educational systems)


As family members:

They are forcing parents to bridge the digital divide; there will be greater harmony and unity in family relationships


As citizens:

They will demand deep transformation in quality of government servants and services based on their own perception of citizenship and democracy (hence the rise of neo-politics in many countries).

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