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Why Are the Oceans Salty?

In October 2013 in an online course entitled 'Ask Almine Anything 5' held by Almine at Spiritual Journeys I enquired about reasons for the oceans being salty.



Question from Cedar to Almine:  Why are the oceans salty? It seems that much of the hunger and thirst in the world could be solved by an abundance of fresh water. When did this occur and who decreed it, or has this always been the case?



Almine:  'It is so that statistics show that water shortages may be a foreseeable thing looming in our future. We are however the ones that are writing that future, and how much water we have or do not have depends on the clarity and the purity and the complete surrendered flow of pure emotions.


Why there is salt in the oceans of the world is that it has been deliberately designed in that way to keep the world from blowing itself up in absolute conflicts and strife with an unevolved consciousness at the helm. If you consider how long we have had enough atomic bombs to blow countries completely to smithereens and that it hasn't been done is actually quite a miracle.


Part of the reason is that salt water absorbs negativity. One of the places that I  remember standing where I could feel every single little stressor leave my body - it was the most incredible feeling was in the salt mining area - which has been the area for absolute ages that the Incas used to mine salt in Peru. It looks as though you were standing in a landscape of snow. In fact it was mind boggling that you weren't cold because it looked like you were in a snowy landscape - but it was just salt.


The saltwater in ancient records is described as The Mother's Tears because of her creations not seeing her any more, not recognising her any more, and in fact trying to compete with The Infinite's embodiment.


This created the salt water - in the ancient texts and legends of some of the records that I have translated - but what it is about is that the salt water absorbs and clears negativity of which there has been much - so that it can all hold together.  If it was pure, clear water, the emotions of man would have destroyed this planet by now.'