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Living Life
Written by Cedar Rivers   

Finding Clarity to Live an Exceptional Life

This decade from 2011 to 2020 will bring massive changes, the likes of which have not been known on the planet - ever.  If we reflect on the past 110 years we see the invention of the car, telephone, computer, and movements away from living a largely rural existence to now largely urban lifestyles. As a futurist, psychic and remote viewer, when I tune into this decade it becomes almost impossible to describe what I see. The quantum field is abuzz with new creations, limited only by the extent of our imaginations. Certainly there will be an increase in high-tech along with a return by many to living off the land. However, the greatest change that I see is in the consciousness of humanity. When the populace becomes fully conscious they have a complete 360 degree view of reality from their Godselves - so anything on Earth - and beyond - is possible.

Raise the bar on yourself. The following techniques require the very best of your current skills and abilities.

Think of me as an an invisible mentor - a soft voice whispering suggestions to to you.
 It’s up to you to do the work if you want positive, lasting yet dynamic change. That’s the way of things if you want ownership of your life. Now let's get down to it. Do you make your own decisions? Or do you allow others to direct your life?  Do you subject yourself to the flotsam and jetsam of the whims and needs of others?  Is decision-making an equal and lively dance with loved ones or colleagues? Do you really, really, really know what you want?


Self-knowledge, love and creativity are the ultimate goals of being human.

body, mind, spirit

What You Need to Get  to YES!

Listen in on Your Own Conversations and Observe Yourself in Action.

Look around. What you see in your life today is a direct manifestation of your thoughts, attitudes, feelings and beliefs.
Are your words saying what you sincerely and wholeheartedly want:
- understanding - positive change - an exceptional life?
What is your silent inner dialogue really saying?
– Is a self-saboteur silently, or wilfully, in action?
Are your true wishes in alignment with your words?
Are you meeting your dreams with the appropriate work and action?
It's up to you. Please do not rely on or wait for someone else to make your dreams a reality.

Are you Resistant to Change?

I don’t want to upset the applecart - best to maintain the status quo; my life is boring yet fine just the way it is thank you very much; I actually enjoy the struggle – it’s cosy – at least I know this, and besides, it makes me feel alive; I’m really afraid to take a risk and branch out; I’m scared I’ll succeed; I’m scared I’ll fail; I’m my own worst critic; Why bother? The world’s going to hell in a handbag anyway; I need to be convinced – you convince me what’s best for me; No! ; I’m too exhausted; I give up - there’s no way out of this mess; Other people are to blame for my situation; I don’t know how; Moan, groan, kvetch, whine.
Be aware that working with this information might be uncomfortable and even bring up a little - or a lot - of resentfulness and anger. Stay with it. Keep working and push through any resistance.


What You Need



How to Proceed

1. Carefully read and absorb these exercises unto to the end of this page.

2. Go for a 30-minute walk and decide whether you wish to commit 100% to doing The Work.

3. Determine what would make an exceptional life for you.

Substitute your own word – creative, happy, sacred, loving, remarkable, interesting, adventurous ...

4. Decide whether you will complete this privately

or with your partner, members of your household, or a community group.

5. Study your calendar and circle your beginning date.

6. Celebrate your learning, acknowledge your epiphanies and congratulate yourself on your achievements.

7. I really hope you enjoy your journey with me.

I work in this way personally and with clients - that's how I know it works!



Visualise how your life will be when you have accomplished your intentions.

Be flexible. Be lighthearted. Laugh often. Help others. Have fun with this.


Let’s Really Get Into It

Devise your own symbol or sign to use whenever you set an intention or renew your focus.

Now write a one-sentence statement of intention.

You will complete the exercises at your own pace. Date the page.

Write down your current situation in life including what you want as a list of 20, 100, or more entries.

Focus and be inventive.

Read over what you have written and add to your list. See some ideas at the end of this page.

Now get up and move for at least ten minutes – dance, stretch, walk, jog, workout, swim…

Factor in joyful movement every day you're working with these exercises.

Reread your notes and take particular note of the first 7 and the last 3.

Meditate, ponder, think - then add more detail to your list.

Add more ideas whenever they come to you over the next days and weeks.

When you have clarity on all the aspects impacting your life, circle the 7 areas you wish to focus on.

Highlight the 3 main areas to focus upon until you have achieved your goals to your own satisfaction.

Consider a possible timeframe of the next 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years.

In the light of your discoveries, draw your symbol and write your messages of intention in your journal.

Create reminders to put on your mirror or wall, or in your phone or on your calendar.

At all times modify these processes to suit your own style of working.

Throughout the upcoming weeks be sure to give equal time to each of these three areas.

You’ve begun! Congratulations. You are now well on the way.


Brainstorming Living Life

Here are some ideas to help you embellish your work…. you'll think of many more.

Music, Art, Dance, Writing, Fitness, Healing, Wellness, Culture, Literature, Movies, Creativity, Dying, Love, Kindness, Partnership, Family, Children, Parenting, Grand Parenting, Daughter-ing, Son-ing, Sibling-ing, Friend-ing, Pets, Responsibilities, Learning, Teaching, Discovery, Philanthropy, Service, Travel, Exploring, Future, History, Work, Career, Talents, Technology, Inventions, Internet, Science, Politics, Entertainment, Space, Finances, Community, Volunteering, Interests, Holidays, God, Goddess, Spirituality, Religion, Meaning, Stillness, Mysticism, Invisible Worlds, Country, Belonging, Mind, Cosmos, Gardening, Flowers, Food Forests, Cooking, Ecology, Animals, Wildlife, Environment, Waterways, Farming, Weather …

What Now? Just Do It!

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