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Cedar's 'To Do' List for Alleviating 'Ascension Symptoms'

'Ascension Symptoms' is the common term for the physical and mental pain and distress experienced by some due to the massive evolutionary change. We are not ascending anywhere. Rather, we are retrieving the Soul to fully embody Higher Self and Soul here on Earth. When the DNA is enlivened with Soul it fully activates the merkabah/ vessel/chariot making 'paranormal' abilities normal. This is known as enlightenment.


The current energies are proving very intense, and may indeed escalate throughout May. Dealing with the changes of what has become known as 'ascension symptoms' is proving difficult for many of my friends, both personal and on Facebook and via my websites.

What on earth are 'ascension symptoms' and how may we grow through this spiritual renaissance with ease and grace in becoming our 'higher self'? I offer these suggestions that work for me whenever I'm experiencing confusion, pain, illness and anxiety in the hope that they may assist you too.

2013: The Year of Originality


2013 will be a year like no other, and by 2015 there will be no doubt that large numbers will have become renewed as they demonstrate their greatly enhanced abilities and interdimensional interests. Much has already changed, yet it may take some weeks and months for mindsets to catch up with all the possibilities of our new and improved models.

The evolution from dense homo-sapien to spiritualised homo-luminous may indeed be challenging. Be very discerning always, and open and flexible where appropriate and safe. This is a long and never-ending journey with constant arrivals and departures, and it is a privilege, and humbling to witness and be a part of the massively transformational changes occurring on earth at this time.

Greater renewal is gained by focusing upon limitless love, expansion, unity and Oneness and unimaginable joy is the reward. It is fitting that 2013 is the year of the snake, symbolised by the ouroboros, which is constantly recreating itself. A new cosmic cycle is upon us and as we rise in our largesse throughout 2013, we become like the ouroboros welcoming constant change and new endings and beginnings. Choose to be Original with a capital O.   Read the full article here.


Personal Time Capsule

to be opened on the December Solstice 2013 or at a time of your choosing


Linear time as we knew it has been superceded by eternal time. The grid that once contained a rigid reality on earth is dissolving throughout these days, weeks and months of remarkable change. This is evidenced by synchronicities, epiphanies, and deja vu experiences. The veils of illusion are thinning and falling. The collapsing of time has brought with it an acute need to navigate an entirely new mode of experiencing as well as creating our new reality. Synchronous time is becoming miraculous.

Your Mission if You Choose to Accept It ~ Either alone or with a group - as a solstice project - create a Time Capsule containing all the things that have been meaningful to you over the past few years. Design your Time Capsule to clearly show who you are as of December 2012.

Some signposts for your consideration - significant people, animals, work, play, writing, music, books, devices, belongings, events, places, movies, plays, procedures, happenings, home, travel, purchases, teachers, spirituality, current beliefs and attitudes, achievements, creations, courses, retreats, games, sports, your ideas go here ___________.



An Attitude of Gratitude

In this New Earth we have two-way streams of appreciation, thoughtfulness and love. Taking without appreciation is ugly. As a recipient of someone else's energy ~ always reciprocate in a considerate way. An attitude of expressed gratitude erases entitlement and develops a kinder world. ~ Cedar



Gratitude Jar

Any time is a good time to commence your own Gratitude Jar or Gratitude Diary ~ or a communal jar with the members of your household. Read all the entries at various times throughout 2013 and again on the December Solstice  or New Year's Eve 2013. Keep your focus on the positive and catch yourself having fun and in gratitude. You may find yourself making quite a number of entries every day. Raise your vibration by positive focus. This in turn elevates us to become again the evolved species we were always meant to be. We become luminous humans by raising our vibration and practising love, gratitude, acknowledgement and trust.


Heart Matters

The unprecedented events of these times are enabling each of us to reach higher states of consciousness.


Accepting and forgiving those who have offended and hurt us in the past is imperative if we are to experience smooth sailing through the veils of illusion. In the light of self discovery, bring to mind anyone you feel has hurt or betrayed you.  Garner the precious insights that such interactions have brought you. Shine a light on how these painful situations have served you by strengthening your sense of self.


We are releasing the need for self-discovery through struggle and pain. In the new paradigm we learn by heart-centred actions, self-empowerment, refined perceptions, acknowledgement and love.


Release resentments.

Stay in your heart.

Focus on Love and lightness of being.

Connect your heart to the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Give and receive gifts with acknowledgement and gratitude.

Elevate your thoughts and actions.

Smile inside and out.

'Power through perception comes when one follows one’s heart, living from every moment’s highest potential on a path of impeccability. If one lives in purity and truth with themselves and others, one will receive insights. Only through insights and perception true power is given. Seeking only power, growth stops.' ~ Almine



Sacred in Nature


You might like to adapt the following technique that I frequently use.


Mindfully walk in your chosen part of nature until you come to an area that sings to you.

Choose an area about 2 metres wide to explore in detail.


Imagine a sphere of safety and light of about one metre in radius.

Either sit or stand in this sphere for as long as you wish.


Connect with Nature through your heart and each of your senses.

Smell, Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste and Intuition.


Notice everything.


Converse or sing to the plants, water, sky, elementals, devas and nature spirits.

You may like to draw, photograph, and write of what you experience.


Take a flower, leaf, stone or twig and commune with it for at least 10 minutes.


Allow yourself to sink into the experience.


On completion, thank all the living beings in your sacred space.



The guidance to connect in gratitude to our heart, then through to the heart of Mother Earth and to the heart of Father Sun raises our frequency and keeps us safe regardless of what is occurring around us. This is the key.



Positive Focus for 2013
Meditate upon the following

Love, Gratitude, Family, Grace, Discovery, Creativity, Growth, Joy, Harmony, Community, Peace, Abundance,


Authenticity, Possibilities, Beauty, Mastery, Sacred Space, Limitlessness, New Potential, Mystery, Stillness, Oneness, Freedom, Luminosity.


Miracles, Spontaneity, Intuition, Expansion, Magic, Immortality, Transformation, Courage, Pleasure, Generosity, Communication, Fun.


Enlightenment, Contentment, Achievement, Empowerment, Receptivity, Empathy, Trust, Inspiration, Guidance, Transparency, Ecstasy, Manifestation.


Allowing, Clarity, Surrender, Insight, Power, Reflection, Wisdom, Diversity, Energy, Bliss, Perception, Presence.



“Be a Tree” Meditation

This meditation is designed to help you get in touch with the oneness of nature and to assist you in finding personal stability, harmony, and balance. You will be guided to metaphorically feel the experience of being a strong and majestic tree, and you may even meet some of the types of elementals discussed here in part one.