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'Fish and Houseguests Smell After Three Days'
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Written by Cedar Rivers   



'Fish and Houseguests Smell After Three Days'
Are You a Houseguest from Heaven or Hell?

Heavenly houseguests make contact well in advance and clearly communicate their plans.

Hellish houseguests arrive unannounced and stay as long as they like.


Generous houseguests bring food or other contributions to share.

Greedy houseguests arrive empty-handed and use everything in the fridge and pantry.


Cooperative houseguests see what needs to be done and do it without fanfare.

Lazy houseguests expect to be waited on like royalty.


Thoughtful houseguests are aware of the hosts' regular routines, favourite chairs, and preferred noise levels.

Thoughtless houseguests take over the home and treat it as free lodging with all meals and utilities provided.


Caring houseguests buy a meal or bring the makings to cook a meal or two.

Uncaring houseguests don't help with any meals yet expect full room service.


Considerate houseguests restore the space before leaving, and strive to leave it better than they found it.

Inconsiderate houseguests leave the dishes unwashed, bed unmade, and fail to reimburse expenses.


Respectful houseguests honor privacy by not snooping or invading private spaces.

Disrespectful houseguests invite their friends to sleep over, and search through private things.


Mindful houseguests clean up after their dogs.

Unmindful houseguests allow their dogs to do their do-do anywhere for others to clean up after.


Well-mannered houseguests send a heart-felt message of gratitude after leaving.

Ill-mannered houseguests just don't think.


What imprint do leave?



Cedar Rivers



'Fish and houseguests smell after three days.' - Benjamin Franklin