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Be A Tree Meditation
Written by Cedar Rivers   



“Be a Tree” Meditation

I wrote this meditation for my book The New Frontier: multidimensionality


This meditation is designed to help you get in touch with the oneness of nature and to assist you in finding personal stability, harmony, and balance. You will be guided to metaphorically feel the experience of being a strong and majestic tree, and you may even meet some of the types of elementals discussed here in part one.

You may like to read the meditation onto a recording device or have someone read it to you, being sure to allow plenty of time to be fully immersed in the experience. Repeat this meditation as often as you wish. Find a beautiful place in nature to sit, resting against the trunk of a tree or in your meditation sanctuary or meditation group.


Close your eyes and take three deep, relaxing breaths right into the core of your belly and exhale them gently through the cells of your entire body.

Watch your belly expand as you breathe in and your body open and relax as you breathe out.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Notice the sounds of nature around you.
Visualise a magnificent tree before you.

Hear it whisper something to you as you approach it. Feel the texture and smell the fragrance of the tree.

Now with one deep relaxing breath, allow yourself to merge into the centre of the majestic tree,

and in your imagination, rise to enable your body to gracefully fill the trunk of the tree.

Feel your feet, legs and the base of your spine sinking deep, deep, deep into Mother Earth down,

down into the moist, dark ground to become one strong and stable taproot.

Watch as your feet and legs branch out to create a far-reaching labyrinth of finer roots.

Your head stretches and expands to occupy a dynamic space amongst the foliage,

and you feel a whole new level of perfect clarity and acute perception.

Your hands and arms rise as they transform into many strong and intricate branches.

Watch as vibrant leaves sprout on your network of branches and twigs reaching into the sky.

Sublime cosmic forces and information enter your being.

Become aware that you are a conduit of light, absorbing sunlight and starlight.

As you anchor this light into the ground, know that you are literally anchoring heaven on earth.

Stretch your entire being luxuriously and fully inhabit your new identity as a dignified tree.

Feel your perfect balance, stability, and harmony.

Be flexible like the tree in the wind.

Observe how it feels to stand strong yet supple like the tree.

Now experience the life within and around you.

Notice what is occurring throughout your entire system.

Begin at the tips of your roots and work up to your trunk and then into your branches, twigs, and leaves.

Feel your essence and presence.

Tune in to the interplay of all your aspects and to your connectedness within yourself and the world around you.

Become aware of other trees and how you communicate with them.

You are a reservoir of wisdom and have many lessons to teach and stories to tell.

Each tree ring is a year’s storehouse of growth with every full cycle of the sun.

Tap into the knowledge archived in each of your rings.

What do you teach of the changing of the seasons, of the gifts of abundance, of giving and receiving,

sheltering, patience, beauty, freedom, mystery, and generosity to visitors over the years of your life?

Observe all the life forms that you shelter and nourish—birds, bugs, bees, butterflies and other insects and wildlife.

Listen to the harmonious sounds of life within and around you.

Soften your inner sight to become aware of those who dwell in your subtle places and spaces

transparent elemental beings like devas, fairies, gnomes, pixies, and elves.

Feel the spirit of your tree.
Tune into tree consciousness. Identify the feeling.
How long has your tree resided here? What is it capable of?

What does it know?

Listen deeply within.

There is profound ancient wisdom in this tree.

It has a personal message for you.

What does it want you to know?

Take some time to fully absorb this message.

Now thank the tree for all its gifts.

When you are ready, slowly withdraw your consciousness back from every part of the tree.

Draw yourself out of the roots.

Come back up from the ground, and back from the branches, leaves, and trunk.

Allow the tree to send you safely back into your body—back home to yourself.

Return fully and totally into your body.

Breathe naturally and begin to move.

Notice the sounds around you and become aware of your breathing. Recall your personal message from the tree and reflect upon it.

Open your eyes and gently complete your meditation.