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What I am going to be doing today is a kind of summary of what I do normally, so I’m going to try to not talk too long because normally I would have longer conferences, so today is going to be quite solid. I am going to summarise and transmit the main points of all the different conferences I’ve been doing lately.

From the year ’87 many of us have come with the knowledge which isn’t new, it is just the base of it to help people understand the process what we are going through. We’ve had this knowledge for a long time but it’s been a bit distorted and confused. So the idea is to help people to organise the basis of this information, and to help people to understand the process that we are going through today.

Today we are going to talk about ‘ATER TUMTI’. ‘Ater Tumti’ summarises the whole main idea of what I’m trying to transmit, a summary of the plan and the reason of information and knowledge that you may be here for. ‘Ater Tumti’ means ‘heaven on earth’. The idea is to understand why we are here on earth. The main idea is why we have been created. That’s why I want you to understand this phrase: ‘Dhu ater tumti kei dhu urnus ateri. Lleven el cielo a la tierra y luego traigan su luz al cielo’ –we use this to say this phrase as it doesn’t have any emotional attachment to it. Translated, it means; ‘Bring Heaven to Earth (and after) bring its light to heaven’. It has a strong catholic attachment to the idea that Heaven is up there and Earth is down here. ‘Ater’ means ‘heaven’. ‘Ater’ isn’t really Heaven, it is everything. It’s the Universal essence. ‘Dhu’ is all the essence which became dense –everything which is dense light, such as ‘matter’ for example. We are in that process to bring heaven to earth which is ‘Dhu Ater Tumti’. This is a process which each and every one of us has accepted to be born and take part in a physical world. It’s the essential plan that many of us have forgotten, because it happened so long ago –even before time existed. ‘Ater Tumti’ is something we are working on here today; to bring all divine to earth. The problem is that we as humanity have reached the end point. What does this mean? We want to be here but we also want to go... kind of like “I like this but not too much”, “I want to go to the Light but not too much”. So we are starting to integrate a process of bringing heaven to earth, to start now, to bring back earth to the totality. We are going to talk about this so that we have a better understanding as to why this has begun; The Cosmic Plan.

We are going to talk about the birth of the cosmic plan. I’m not going to be explaining this from a spiritual point of view, but to offer you a tool so that you can put it into practice here and now, to understand why all of this exists and how you can use it in your everyday life. So first of all we are going to talk about the Universal Point. People call it ‘nothing’. This was the first ‘thing’. What is ‘nothing’? Our brain cannot understand it because it is too much. It is so much, even more than the light, so it can’t be felt or seen. It’s more than the totality. ‘Nothing’ is like this room and each of you are like a god. Without the oxygen, walls, roof and floors we wouldn’t be able to be here. ‘Nothing’ is what allows us to exist. Something really important in all of this is breathing. This means Beings that become conscious of themselves, and which begin the process of evolution. Have you noticed that meditation is back into fashion? Meditation is one of the ways we can reach the understanding of totality.

In the beginning a kind of meditation happened. We meditate to understand better what sometimes we try to find answers to, and by doing a meditation we try to understand something that is outside of us... kind of like “how can I understand that which is happening to me?” This is because we are still trying to practice what is outwards. Everything we practice is outwards. This Being we call ‘God’ is only meditating inwards...from the skin, inside. This is what we are going to look at now (see diagram @ 0:07:00), this point here is what we know as ‘hhhmmm’ (inhalation). And this point is ‘hhhaaa’ (exhalation). So it’s kind of like God sat down and began to meditate for a bit. This ‘breathing’ with which one begins to meditate, is what began to make everything we know. This here isn’t really light, I put it this way as an example for you to understand, but it isn’t light yet. What we are going to see are the structures of the universe that made us exist (created us). To understand this we must understand something else –if I’m a being who is experimenting, I’ve got to know what is inside of me. If I’m the totality, how can I experience myself and to understand myself within? I am everything. If I am trying to analyse everything, it is impossible to understand. So what this ‘everything’ does is begin to divide itself, to understand itself by parts. But of course if someone cuts his arm to try to understand it, he will lose his arm. So he needs something within to see how each part is. So, it was doing this meditation that this first question was asked: “can you help me to experience everything inside to understand what is outside?” This was said to all of us who are inside. So, God is like our body, and every electron of our body is us. So what it did first was ask us for permission and help so as we could experience from within each and every part.

For the universe (God) to be able to experiment (experience), the following happened; (see diagram @ 0:09:24) Can you see the irradiation? It’s the closest we can get to understanding it. That was the first thing in the universe. Even the bible says it –‘In the beginning was the Word...’ What is the ‘Word’? The ‘Word’ is the ‘Sound’. The first thing was Sound. We understand it as a word, God’s word. The original sound was ‘Aum’. We can’t repeat it because our throats would burst, but more or less it’s that. So, the sound is the base of everything that exists. The vibration of sound is what creates everything that exists. It’s the foundation ~the Sound and the Breath. Emerging from the sound is what those of my level call ‘heat’. The first thing that emerges from the sound is heat. We don’t refer to it with any emotional baggage, just universal mathematical functions. So what is heat? Heat emerges when the Aum sound begins to move around the whole universe. What is this you see on the screen? –these yellow points that are about to emerge, what do you think they are? (see diagram @ 0:11:11) They are electrons, but universally what are electrons? Are they the sun, the stars? At this point the idea of matter doesn’t even exist. These famous electrons here which move sound are what we call ‘Spirits’. The electrons of the universe are the spirits. This means...who we are, without form. At the microcosmic level we can say they are electrons and at the macrocosmic they are what we know as spirits. These beings create the heat. What is heat? It’s magnetism, because all the spirits moving around the universe connect with each other, creating a different vibration in the universe. For example, in this diagram we can see this with the green colour (0:12:14) Do you see what emerged from magnetism? Magnetism is what begins to unify all things, everything begins to move strongly. When this emerges –this vibration, everything begins to visualise itself in a different way and have a different sense. Now there isn’t just one sound that moves, everything begins to move, unite and vibrate with that sound. This is what we call ‘Love’. The famous ‘love.’ Love is often understood in a very ‘cheesy’ way here on earth...the love between humans –that is love from earth, not the love from the universe. Universal Love is magnetism, even though this may sound a bit cold. Magnetism is the constant movement and unification of things. For example, it is said that the earth loves us. Why does the earth love us? It is because we are attracted to its centre. So, Earth loves us because it is attracted to us. The sun loves our planet for the same reason. A couple loves each other because they are attracted to each other. Love is the attraction and movement of all things. At this point, love is the essence that unifies all things. That’s why it is said that God is Love –because God is movement, God is constant regeneration.

The problem with Love is the following: What happens when there is only love? The chakras begin to agitate, ‘craziness’ begins to happen. That love created is what we call ‘chaos.’ Chaos is constant movement, a strong movement. When there is too much love the body seems to explode and so from this constant movement something else emerges: a new vibration, for example we can see this in the colour green (see diagram @ 0:14:42). The new vibration is the reflection of what we know as ‘Light.’ So from the magnetic movement of ‘love’ the ‘light’ emerges. What is ‘light’? It is the movement reflecting itself against the cosmic walls from the centre. When it bounces against the cosmic walls, the following emerges: an energy we refer to here as ‘cold’, although in reality it isn’t really cold. This is just the closest comparison that we can find here on earth. ‘Coldness’ is the sensation that the Light created in the universe. How? By reflecting itself against the cosmic walls. When this happens we begin to find geometry. Sacred geometry is Universal patterns, the basic patterns. So, this geometry is going to make the light organise how the vibration of love should move better so th at we don’t end up in chaos. So love stops moving all over the place and starts to move in patterns, geometrical patterns. Coldness organises this constant movement of love. What happens then? A new vibration appears, which we call ‘Time Density’ Do you know what ‘time’ is? Does ‘time’ exist? It is said today by some people that time does not exist, but what does not exist is the concept of time that we have in our heads. The idea that (for example) ‘this happened...this is happening... this will happen...’ -This isn’t really ‘time’ it is just a way of organising. ‘Time’ is really the corrosion of matter. To explain it more graphically we have the following example (diagram @ 0:17:35). What are these points? They are the ‘spirits’ that make everything flow in constant movement –Love. When these spirits emanate light, they connect between each other in that light (0:18:00) -This is when geometry appears for the first time. It’s the unification of light of that love. Time density allows these spirits to be able to experiment (experience) everything in the universe as much as possible, (0:18:25) not moving in the same place, they have to move around in many ways to experiment all the positions of the universe. As these spirits begin to move in different directions, they become smaller and smaller until that geometry begins to collapse between each other and to ‘deform’ itself. What does this mean in our physical world? Well, when matter begins to deform itself, or collapses, we understand this as the ‘ageing’, or the passing of time. Therefore the corrosion of matter is ‘time’. Time structures geometrical light patterns so it can become something different. Time allows the constant transformation and experimentation of all things. Without time we wouldn’t be able to experience anything.

What would be the opposite of Love? If magnetism is love, what is geometry going to be? Hate? No, that is something very human, a human duality. Hate is a side of love really, it’s just blocked love –hate is a lot of blocked love. Geometry is going to be ‘wisdom’. Why? Because wisdom organises love. Have you noticed when you fall ‘too much’ in love your mind starts to say “okay calm down and think!” Without wisdom or love we cannot really live. To become a balanced being we must have both things integrated. If we are too loving, we vibrate ‘too much’, and if we are too wise we are too ‘ecstatic’, so we should move with both. (0:20:39) Once wisdom emerges then form begins to take place. Why? (0:20:50) The irradiation that comes from the light starts to become dense when creating different patterns. It begins to deform itself until creating different vibrations which begin to collapse against each other. When all the time density begins to collapse and unite in one point, what happens? What happens when we concentrate too much energy on one point? It explodes. Do you remember the ‘Big Bang’? So, it’s here where the ‘big bang’ took place. Before, everything was just vibration, etheric, mathematics, geometry, then after, the total densification of these patterns occurred -‘the big bang’. Why? Because we reached the point where we understood the head, the throat, top of the chest, and after that we had to go onto something more dense. So everything unified itself and exploded and when it exploded it went all over the place and ‘matter’ was created. When matter was created, a geometrical pattern emerged (see diagram @ 0:22:04). This pattern is very important for us, it is not only used by the Hebrews, but is also used by other cultures such as the Arabic. They use this pattern because it is the complete integration of all beings. For every being to be able to experience something, at one point has to experience this pattern to be able to exist and integrate everything they have lived. So then other geometrical patterns begin to occur to expand that experience for the rest and for the universe (0:22:35). Once we have all this geometry integrated then we begin to understand the cosmic plan. And what is the cosmic plan? What is above is below. The cosmic plan has the aim to help each electron, which is going to experience each part of this being –to have within each of them, the root to return to totality so that each electron can become a new universe. How can this happen? Well of course you don’t give each spirit a map. What happens here is geometry. This means that all the geometrical patterns that exist above, begin to bend within until they become the tiniest, smallest patterns possible. These patterns ‘below’ have the same patterns as ‘above’. This means that atoms have the same structure as the universe. This will help every atom of life within us to have the root to become a universe. That’s why it is said: ‘know thyself to know the universe’. It was said in Greece that to be able to know the universe, one has to know themself. This is because within us we have the whole universe. To understand God we don’t have to look up into the stars, because we will understand the stars when we begin to understand our body, spirit and soul. We should begin to stop worrying what’s above the atmosphere and focus on what we are doing, and have to do with each other and with ourselves.

How does the universe develop? Do you remember about the expansion of the universe with all those spheres of light that we had just seen? Those spheres show the way the universe expands: how the body of the Being of God expands. It’s like the layers of an onion, from the subtlest to the most dense. That’s the way the universe moves. This is because it is trying to practice experiencing everything in parts, and by dividing itself in layers it will be able to understand itself better. So how does it become divided? Separating each light from the others more and more until we get this structure: (0:26:03). Do you recognise this? Yes, they are the chakras. They are the radiation of light divided and densified. Do you remember the saying ‘we are created in the image and likeness of God’? So who is God? A man with a beard and two legs? No, really it is the same vibration that emerges from totality that has the same form in all the layers. So if one is going to experience a little part of that body, then it’s going to divide itself into two parts. However, if one is going to experience everything in one, then it will divide itself in many more. So basically we are divided into these chakras here.

What are the dimensions? The dimensions are different vibratorial states of ‘allness’ -of everything. Everything is exactly the same in essence. The difference is that when they vibrate in different tunes, they express different dimensions. Which dimension are we in? We are in the third dimension. Many already want to go rushing to the fifth, but I would advise them not to rush. Let’s go step by step. If we are in the third dimension, does that mean that we have to experience everything in order upwards? Do we have to experience the fourth dimension until the 22nd dimension? (0:27:56) This point at the top, the emanation level, is an electron –a spirit. Who are the spirits? Well, we are the spirits. So if we were in the 22nd dimension, what happens then? Well that means that we have been in all the dimensions. What we have been doing is making that ‘Ater’ (Heaven) come to ‘Dhu’ (Earth). We have been bringing everything which is heaven, down to earth, densifying to practice and experience ourselves in different ways. Once we have practiced everything then we have to make everything which is here go ‘back’ to 22nd dimension. This is the hardest part, coming down we just slide down, but it’s not the same coming up –that’s why we are so ‘stuck’ in 3rd dimension, because it is the densest. We think ‘Oh my God we have to go through all that -all those dimensions! But really that’s where we just came from, so now we just have to try and go back. Like I said, that’s the hardest so don’t try to rush to escape from 3rd dimension because if you leave without your body you will have to come back again.

Have you heard of ‘physical ascension’? Well that is one of the greatest aims of humanity, however we mustn’t obsessively look for it, we should just allow it to happen. That’s the big difference. Many people are obsessed with ascending physically but we mustn’t worry about that. It doesn’t make sense to attach to becoming unattached. We must try to relax and focus on what we have to do in the 3rd dimension. And whenever the moment comes, it will come. We don’t have to get rid of the physical body; we have to take the physical body, take the house, the car, the grandma, the dog -everything. So relax and enjoy.

Everything comes from the emanation level. Which chakra do you think it corresponds with? With the throat, third eye and crown chakras. These three chakras correspond with the emanation level. These chakras create everything that’s going to emerge below. That’s why our words, thoughts, and consciousness are important. Everything we think, say and create can have an effect. At the emanation level we have heat and cold energy. The first is magnetism and the second is the balance provided by sacred geometry. So it’s going to be at this level where all this vibration comes from. That’s why we don’t really understand this vibration very well –because we are still at an emotional level. That’s why the practice of unconditional love is difficult, because universal unconditional love has nothing to do with emotional love. We are still working with our feelings and our emotions, that’ why it is hard to understand unconditional love. Some of us come from that level (which isn’t superior, it’s just different) to explain these things. It seems that if we are given some sort of computer instruction, it sounds very cold like algebra or geometry. What is a miracle? It’s a mathematical alteration. So what really happens is that it isn’t really understood. Sometimes I explain that at that level, the highest fulfilment I remember being was like an electron inside a cable –it’s an incredible feeling. This idea of paradise is very different to what is understood here in 3rd dimension. Really our idea of paradise is just in the 4th dimension, so just imagine all the dimensions/different levels that are left!

So here is where the soul is going to appear (0:32:38) When the soul emerges, the emotional level begins to appear. The soul which I represent here by that pinpoint is at a vibratorial level that allows the spirit to experiment (experience itself) in matter. Souls are like etheric placentas which move around the universe. The Soul accepts being the vehicle of the Spirit, and begins to experiment (experience). How does it do this? Through love and wisdom. These are the two main parts through which the soul experiments. As the soul works through love and wisdom, the spirit works through magnetism and geometry. However, they really are just the same thing but at a different vibratorial level.

So once we have spirit and souls in this process, then the entities begin to appear. Entities are the first beings that exist in the universe. Who are these entities? Well logically they are not beings sitting down in a chair. They are beings that look like this (0:34:10) These entities vibrate with all of their essence, filling huge spaces of the universe. An entity is like our arm, and it’s a being with many beings inside it. It doesn’t have a particular form, it just moves. These entities are going to create everything that emerges after. They are the first manifestations of the universe, and from them the Angelic level appears. At this level we don’t find people with robes and wings flying around. The angelic level is where the chakras begin to divide themselves to be able to experiment (experience) -for the first time- the different densities of an etheric body. All of us here are angelic. Most of us at one point had to be angelic to be able to be born here. I don’t mean ‘Angels’, I mean ‘angelical’: beings who begin to divide their geometry. From the angelic level, all the forms known in the universe begin to appear, for example, this one (0:35:15 and 0:35:50) You can’t really see this clearly so use your imagination. Imagine this pattern in three dimensions, it’s like two pyramids. What does this mean? They are the electrons which radiate light, creating a vibratiorial being, which begins to move itself by love (0:36:20). What this does is contain all the light of the being in the centre. As it turns faster a whirl of energy begins to emerge. In this whirl the essence begins to divide itself, when this happens the chakras begin to appear one by one. The chakras are the different energy potentials divided from that geometrical centre. Each Centre has a different radiation. Firstly, the third eye radiates. When this happens, it becomes conscious of everything that surrounds it. It radiates forwards, sidewards, backwards, and upwards. After, the chakra below begins to radiate, which connects what’s above to what is below: the spiritual etheric with the physical. After this, there must be an energy that radiates towards everywhere. What is being perceived from above/the third eye? How does this chakra radiate? It is like a light pulsar. Do you know what a pulsar star is? It’s a star which radiates its light through the pulse (a neutron star that emits rapid and periodic pulses of radiation). It does this to send that light to different points. After, we have the chakra, or energy, which unifies it all. Everything that is above begins to unify and expand. After, there is a chakra which begins to divide itself because we have to practice duality, and another one that has to bring all of it to a specific point below to concrete itself in the physical world. So when that light and radiation begins to condense, what happens? Let’s sum up: There’s a chakra which radiates forwards, upwards, sidewards... one that connects, one that radiates like a pulsar/like a heart, one that unites, one that divides itself to practice duality, and another one that anchors into the earth. This represents the physical body. The physical body is the radiation of the chakras becoming dense. We don’t have two arms ‘just because’. What do these arms do? From that ‘pulsar’ chakra that radiates from the pulse (heart), these ‘pulsars’ align and radiate from one arm and another aligns and radiates to the other arm –one is going to take so the other can get to the other, imagine a sphere radiating light and when it densifies it becomes arms. Of course this requires millions of years of evolution. It doesn’t just appear suddenly. Imagine the base chakra which creates the ‘last’ form which is the legs and feet... can anyone here see etheric or spiritual light beings? Well, have you noticed that spiritual masters –light beings, tend to have a robe and ‘like’ levitating around? The entities are painted with huge ‘clothes/cloaks’ floating about. This is because they haven’t got the chakras below; only from the heart upwards. So when they get close to matter the light densifies and it looks like a robe. And what happens with those who are Ascended Masters? Those are the ones that normally have a robe but you can see their toes below. If you can’t see their feet, it’s because they’ve never been born as humans, and if they are floating and levitating it’s because they haven’t got legs. Do not be scared, just think that they have a robe. Another thing... do you know why they all look the same (similar)? It’s because at that level they haven’t practiced personality yet, or they have already integrated personality (evolved from?) So when one has already experienced and practiced personality, then their image begins to look like alike (see diagram at 0:41:48) Can you see the radiation from the being? We have the geometry of the body, and behind there are other points/spikes –they are wings. Have you noticed that angels have wings? They don’t really have feathers, what happens is that when they approach matter their geometry begins to densify and it looks like they have wings. But really, this geometry comes from the radiation of their being. When they radiate from the heart outwards, they are helping others in their process or their way. That’s why ‘Guardian’ or ‘Warrior’ angels are painted with wings on their backs and those who are working for the purpose of totality seem to have wings coming out of their stomach chakra (solar plexus) –this is because this is the centre of ‘totality’. Maybe it has happened to you or it will happen –that after an energy therapy you feel as if you have wings behind you. This is because you are integrating the geometrical pattern of radiation. So those wings that one feels at the back aren’t really wings, they’re just the geometry that is radiating. Normally this happens when you are starting to integrate more things in your life. You have already practiced many things, for example, you don’t have to practice ‘the arm movement’ anymore but to start practicing the radiation of what you have got inside. So, back to the angelics –which all of us are (0:44:00). From the angelic entities, the famous ‘Christic/Wise beings’ begin to emerge. Does anyone know what a ‘Christic Being’ is? Jesus is the most famous Christic being, but there are many others such as Buddha, Amma... many others. All of these came from the Christic level. There aren’t just three or four, these were just the ones that chose to come to Earth. There are many in many places. They radiate their light to help others to think positively. The Wise Beings offer structures or methods of doing things better. The Wise Beings help you to know what to do and how to do it better and the Christic Beings guide you through the process to ensure you do it correctly. For example, the Angelic beings are asking “Where? I’ll go but I’m not sure where.” The Wise say “over there” and the Christic beings say “well I’ll go with you”.

(0:45:25-35) From here the Soul is going to experience these things. As I’ve said, the first ones to appear are the Christic and the Wise beings and they don’t have straight/strict (?) geometry –they don’t live in time density. If they only have ‘light’ radiation and no ‘strict’ geometry that means there is no real time. That’s why when we go ‘more and more’ away from the 3rd dimension, there’s going to be ‘less and less’ time. In the 4th dimension it’s relative. In 5th it’s hard to perceive time. In 6th dimension, one creates time however they feel like it. In 7th dimension ‘time’ isn’t really thought about. In 8th it doesn’t even really exist –there isn’t a single atom of matter left, so time can’t exist. So, when we begin to work with the two chakras ‘below’ in the universe we have to have ‘time’ (0:46:21). Knowing that the Christic, Angelic, and Wise beings were still in between 9th and 11th dimension, they did things whenever they wanted, so they would take millions of years to do just one thing. So some wise beings decided that it would be necessary to put limits to this –not because nothing was happening, but because there were a lot of things to be done. For example, they were concentrating on a flower and there would be many more things needing to be experienced in the universe. That’s when the integration level emerges. Everything that exists in the other levels is going to be put into practice at this level. So 3rd dimension isn’t really just 3rd dimension; it’s a unification of 22 dimensions in one. That’s why you’re in the position that you are in. Everything at this integration level, everything that we have lived/experienced and created ourselves, we are going to experienced it all together here. The wise beings began to ‘get’ our matter to create even more matter. When this happens, time density emerges. What is time? It is the border (space) between what is physical/material and what is not physical. From here a kind of separation is created where we are going to experience everything that is material or matter. From here the first beings that are going to work on matter appear, (0:48:10) although they are not going to be very physical (dense) yet. These are the entities we call ‘Galactic Beings’. They have been put there by the Angelic Beings in different physical or light worlds to help and collaborate with the beings who are going to work in the densest worlds. These Galactic Beings are the ones we are going to call ‘Extraterrestrial’ –known as ‘ET’s’. They work as a link between the Galactic, Christic and the Wise beings, and us –the physical and dense beings. This is for us not to forget the reason we are here doing what we are doing. These Galactic beings are the densified creation of the Light beings. For example, the Pleiadians: a race that tend to vibrate in both angelic levels and physical levels. They choose where and when they want to vibrate. Their job is basically to connect with both levels to help dense and physical beings to understand their purpose. From the Galactic beings we are going to move to the physical beings such as humans (0:49:50) Humans have been put here for a very important reason and we will understand that later when we go into that later. When we have the angelic and galactic beings, when humans were still just a project, a problem emerged and this was that even though matter became densified we were still contemplating, let’s say, flowers for millions upon millions of years. We were focussed on minute things unlike now. Before, we still had the Christic conscious idea of just flowing in the ‘no time’ and if you notice that some people still have this thing of living forever, eternal life. Have you noticed that? Well I wouldn’t advise that now. Later we will see why. Many Christics began to be born in the physical worlds and they continue with this process.

A Being emerged known as ‘Lusbel’ (Lucifer) (0:51:00); one of the most important Light beings in the universe. He was a Wise Being. He proposed a system that consisted of the following: If these humans are focussing constantly in superficial things, let’s add more limits to let them know that there isn’t enough time to do things in the physical world. There are more things to experiment, not just a flower, but to begin to do more things because it is possible. Next to Lusbel an angel called ‘Michael’ appeared. The Arch Angel Michael said “Okay I accept the plan but with one condition; we can’t interfere with their process (what we call ‘free will’). They are going to choose when, how and why”. The ‘what’ is already determined. Free will only really exists from the angelic beings level ‘downwards’, from the angelic beings and upwards free will doesn’t really exist. Free will is the choice of ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘with’, ‘who’ and ‘where’ I am going to do something, but not ‘what’. The ‘what’ is pure geometry and mathematics, so it’s always going to be how it is supposed to be. As a Spirit I am going to choose ‘how’, ‘when’, and ‘with whom’ I am going to carry out my plan but the plan/the ‘what’ is already mapped out –this is ‘free will’. So, the Wise Being Lusbel says, for example, “We have to do the plan” and the Christics say “but allow them to do it however they want to.” Here an agreement is made; “So let’s support the process without interfering with what they decide to do.” Here is where millions of beings emerge, which we call ‘Light Angels’ and ‘Dark Angels’ (0:53:40). The Dark Angels aren’t actually ‘dark’, they are also Light beings. If you ever see a Dark Angel, they are actually similar to the Light Angels. The only difference is that one puts limits and the other guides in those limits. The same problem was still appearing and no matter how many geometrical limits the Wise Beings put in place, for example, making them live less time –the reincarnation system- the Physical Beings were still lost. So the Wise Beings added more and more limits. They put a stop to humans living for 1000 years and had them live for only about 26 years. So there was actually a moment when humans and other Physical beings would only live until they were 26 –at 26 yrs they were considered old. What happened was that humans were still living 1,000 years doing the same thing, but how? Dying and re-birthing constantly. Many of you have been there –living, dying, living, dying –constant reincarnation cycle where one gets trapped and just can’t escape. Why can’t they escape? Because they don’t realise they can escape. It’s not because someone said “you must stay there” but because one is experimenting in many lives what they should (could) experiment (experience) in just one life. So people are still in the idea that in 1,000 years they can experience more things, so they just take their time. Some Dark Angels began to think “these people are stupid” (to say it in a very human way), so they began to get closer and closer to matter so as they could try and tell the Physical beings what to do, but still nothing was happening. So Dark Angels began to get too close to matter to show the Physical beings where to go. The Light Angels were following them and were also getting too close. What happens when they get too close? They begin to disconnect from the purpose, because the closer one gets to matter, the top chakra becomes ‘rigid’ or ‘stiff’, so one begins to forget what they really are ‘above’. It is a requirement of being in the physical world to not know everything, so as to be able to focus on what one has to do here. That’s why we forget when we are born. For the Dark and Light angels to help us do things better and faster, they should be connected but they became too close to matter and that’s when the following happened; Angels and Demons. The Demons are also helping us with the process. The problem is that they are very close to us and they thought “okay if they don’t do it then I will do it” and so they began to go inside the physical body, this is known as ‘possessed bodies’. The big problem started here. The angels started to come closer to the physical beings because the demons began to into bodies.

Do you remember that agreement between Michael and Lusbel “don’t interfere with their process”? But the demons interfered and a disaster began. The angels began to declare a ‘war’ against the demons. The Light Angels began to put a ‘bodyguard’ next to every soul. This is what we call a ‘Guardian Angel.’ This was to prevent demons from taking possession of the physical body. Our physical body is a kind of natural protection from the beings of other levels. However, if you are tuned into their vibration they can influence you. If you vibrate low then you can be too close to ‘demons’. If you vibrate high, you can be close to ‘angels’. These two are bothering us a lot –it must be said that angels are sometimes bothering us because they are just like us in that they’re becoming disconnected from the general purpose. The demons had stuck in their minds “hurry them up, hurry them up” and the angels: “protect them, protect them”. So, the angels declared a war against the demons and these demons began to mess with our lives because of what was stuck in their minds. So in all of this where do we fit? We are mutual. We are in the middle of all of this. Both angels and demons depend on us to return and connect again. Those demons and angels that die in the battle are reborn here as humans. When a demon is born here, how will you recognise it? Many can think that demons born here are going to be full of rage, hate, and a desire to kill. This is not so. Sometimes a demon is born and finds everything amusing and playful. Being demon doesn’t necessarily mean to be evil. It just means to try and speed up the process. Another thing is that some of them have chosen a negative way of speeding up the process, and the angels that are born here sometimes are very angry because they don’t like it here once they are born here. Their destiny wasn’t to work for eight hours a day, so they’re sometimes pissed off when they come here, because essentially they are filled with love and what with a lot of blocked love is hate. The demons kind of let their hate just flow, they’re not going to show a lot of hate as they don’t accumulate that hate. We are all the same and we are working for the same process. Demons aren’t darkness as we know it, they just chose that process to do it, but this doesn’t mean that they are the baddies on the film. We mustn’t fight against them. We must try to integrate them. They are also ‘brothers’ like us who became disconnected –or even worse.

Another thing to take into consideration is the beings of the 7th dimension, we call ‘Spiritual Guides’ –the secretaries who we seek advice from about what to do. Before we are born we make an agreement with them, a plan about what we are going to do in this ‘theatre’ of life. Many of us agree that if at any point we become lost in our process or something, to allow a smack to wake us up so as to reconnect again (to the path of our plan). Here’s when the personal crisis kicks in. The guides just follow the plan (agreement), they aren’t necessarily ‘good’ as we understand it. They are ‘neutral’. For thousands of years we’ve been talking about ‘good and bad’, ‘light and darkness’ (duality). The ‘neutral’ beings are focussed on the process/plan, they’re not interested in light or darkness/good or bad... what they care about is for things to get done. Many of these guides of the 7th dimension are going to tell the angels to ensure we get things done. For example, just imagine you’re walking to work which is straight forward (directly ahead), but on a street to the left (where you never go), there’s a library which has a book title that will attract your attention. In this book you’ll find the answers for what you’re going to have to do later. ‘They’ subtly tried to ‘tell’ you to go to that street but you don’t take any notice. The guides try again to tell you but because you are so disconnected you just don’t realise this, so you just keep moving forward. So literally put road works in the corner so that you will turn, but you just keep on your path and don’t turn. At this point they decide to call the angels to help guide you. The angels try to give you signs to recognise the message, they even stand infront of you giving you a kind of energy that doesn’t allow you to walk. It kind of paralyses you. They even ‘blow’ you the message... “Over there, over there” and you keep on walking deciding to ignore the signs. That’s when angels and guides of the 7th dimension call in the demons. Remember the guides are neutral, they just want the process to happen. So they tell the demons “We need your help” and of course they say “we are more than happy to help” The demon gets close to the matter and they decide to go behind you, and if you don’t listen to them immediately, then as you cross the street, a van is going to appear and run over you. Your face is going to bleed, and when you look up you see the shop assistant of the book shop come to help you. When she takes you to the book shop, you look and find the book right in front of you. They just try to look for the ‘best’ way to do it. The way they think is: “if they don’t understand the message this was then they won’t understand it ever” That’s why one must be aware of the signs so that the guides of the 7th dimension don’t decide to call the demons. What we should understand also is that we must thank these demons because they allowed us to understand something faster. The problem is that many of them have created a lot of stories –like the humans with excess conspiracies who have created a kind of hell where they have decided to sell and buy souls –stupid things like this which exist but we must ignore.

We as Spirits don’t learn in a lineal way; we learn constantly in different positions and places, through many parts (ways). So to be able to be ‘beings in matter’, at one point we must have been demons or other beings of darkness like ‘witches’ or ‘alchemists’ for example. Two ways that we are going to filter ourselves through this universe is what we call ‘Karma’ and ‘Dharma’ (1:06:00) for example: I could come from very high dimensions and if I want to come down to matter, the way I’m going to choose or have to do it is through Karma. It’s the balance I need to come down to matter. But through Dharma I can just go up. So Dharma is everything I have learnt and taught. Karma is all the homework I have left to do –it’s not anything negative, it’s just what I have left for the following year. So to go up to other dimensions one has to get rid of the karma to balance it. This is really what sets limits between the dimensions. That’s why we must try to get rid of old things and learn the most amount of new lessons to be able to go up the dimensions with matter. And all this at the end of the day is to be able to experiment and to integrate. We aren’t really here to make the darkness of the planets disappear, we aren’t necessarily here to live a life of peace, love and eternal happiness. Everything –light...darkness... everything must be experienced. The problem is when we think that the experience goes wrongly that this is ‘bad’. ‘Mistake’ in Latin means ‘sin’ –we think that we mustn’t commit mistakes, and that we must do exactly ‘this’ or ‘that’, but this isn’t so. You are here to experiment. If you make a mistake, it’s okay. You’ll try it again after to see if it works better. There’s no problem. So everything is going to be just fine.

This is to understand the Galactic Plan, which was designed to help with the Divine Plan on the physical world, and to not forget the essential knowledge. The galaxies of our universe are like the prints of our body. They connect one part with the other so that we are all in tune with each other. In our galaxy we have various beings who are going to help with our process. One is the Council of Thirteen, which is known as the Zodiac. They are 13 beings who influence us in our learning process to help us understand what we are going to do. That’s why the best way to understand our plan is through a birth reading, depending on who does it of course –not form a magazine! It has a lot to do with what you have agreed to do before being born. So they are 13 beings who are helping us with our different energy. Also there are others like the Star groups: Arcturus, Pleiades, Orion, and Sirius. These are four of the star groups that are going to mostly influence us (1:09:26). They have an influence on humanity and help with the process and with what humans have to do. The beings from Arcturus are kind of like the medicine and genetic knowledgeable beings of the galaxy. Most of our genes come from these beings. That’s why we look so much alike. Also, that’s why there have been so many people that have tried to look for the purer race as the white, blonde, blue-eyed race –this is pretty ridiculous because they are just a race who have helped us to be who we are, not the race that we have to guide ourself by (in appearance). There are many races on our planet and all of them are very important. Then we have the Pleiades which is like the ‘vatican’ of the galaxy –of course this doesn’t mean that it works like the Vatican –what I mean is that the Pleiadians work through spirituality on the physical worlds. They keep the connection between divinity and the planets, and that’s their role. The beings from Orion bring us the science and parts of the culture. The beings from Sirius bring us architecture, linguistics, culture and many other things. Sirians mustn’t be confused with the ‘Greys’ as they appear quite similar. Sirians have collaborated with us a lot especially to create humanity as a society. They are very important. They are all ET’s who have influenced a lot in our system. All of them form what is known as the Galactic Confederation and Legion. The Galactic Confederation is a kind of ‘UN’ of the galaxy. They ‘meet’ together to decide if a planet below is going well or not. These beings are going to help us with our learning process. They work with unconditional love and compassion, meaning they don’t interfere in the process unless we ask for it consciously –not by some sort of contract, they are wise and they know when to do it. The Universal Legions are some of those ships which protect the atmosphere. Basically, their function is to not allow anybody who hasn’t got a ‘passport’ (just to understand the idea).

Nowadays, right now, the being who is managing the Galactic Confederation is this one here (1:13:11). He is known as ‘Ashtar’ –The intergalactic commander. His task is to make sure everything is working according to plan. You have to be careful if you’re going to channel this being or any being because he is an ‘intergalactic politician’...I don’t mean ‘be careful because he is a politician’ but because he is busy with loads of things. So don’t expect him to find you a parking space. He is a being who is helping with our process and they make contact with us through interplanetary computer networks –there are viruses. The only way to know whether the information is pure or not, is if it resonates with you. If it resonates with you and vibrates inside you, that’s perfect. If there are just two paragraphs that resonate with you out of the whole channelling then only take notice of those two. Nobody has the whole truth because there are viruses everywhere. This is advice for any channelling. The problem isn’t the being channelling but the interference that is within the network.

The civilisations before 4,000 BC, for example –during Atlantis and Lemuria, alchemist/architect gods such as Thoth (1:15:18) help with our process. These ‘gods’ are beings who are hybrids from other systems who collaborate with our system, especially through architecture and alchemy. This is to help the inner and outer transformation of ‘being-ness’ through the building of universal geometrical patterns on Earth, which we call architecture. They are going to help anchor the light from the universe here on Earth in a physical form.

Also voluntary spirits and souls are going to collaborate with our process. There are many voluntary spirits who are here right now and we are the ones who say “Okay let’s go and see what happens”. All humans, every soul and spirit who has been born as human, even those we wonder why on earth he or she was born, they are here because they have an important purpose on Earth. We shouldn’t believe anything about anyone, we should accept that if they are here then it must be for a reason. We have to observe what they are teaching us and nothing else. Why is all of this? (1:16:45). To make Earth belong to the Cosmic Order and for it to not lose its purpose in the totality. The universe is huge and complex. What can we do so that this small earth doesn’t get lost in all of this? Well, the following: (1:17:00) The importance of the process on Earth was because the whole solar system began to need Earths help. Everyone knows that the solar system is a living being with a soul, a spirit and a physical body. Which is the solar plexus of our system? (The solar plexus is the 3rd chakra, the one in the centre. We have the base chakra, the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. They are the most important although there are many other chakras). In our solar system the Sun is the solar plexus. The ‘Sun’ comes from ‘Solar Plexus’ Why is the sun the solar plexus? It is the centre. Where would you situate Earth? It’s between the heart and the base/root chakras. Earth is the sacrum chakra. This means that Earth is a kidney of our solar system. Why? It’s a planet made up of water, a planet of will, creativity, fear and frustration. So basically Earth is a kidney. There are other planets which are working in this process, for example Jupiter, Venus, Mars. What do planets do in our Solar System? Do you remember the reason why we experiment? To integrate. Which is the centre (chakra) through which we integrate everything? It’s the solar plexus –the one in the centre. Everyone thinks it is the heart. We have the heart because we are a very loving people, but the heart isn’t to integrate, but to collaborate with the rest in the process in balance. The solar plexus is to integrate everything we have practiced. What comes out from the heart ends up in the solar plexus. So everything which we integrate goes towards the solar plexus. Where are the planets moving towards? Toward the sun. The planets are destined to be suns. We as planets tend towards illuminating ourselves to ascend physically. For example, Venus has already begun its ascension. Why, because there’s a paradise up there? No, because it’s called ‘fire’, it’s burning. It has begun its physical ascension process, Mercury also. Mars on the hand got rid of all life on its planet because it began to practice being an individual (independent), the whole planet, not only the beings above. The other planet began to be like a heart, so the root chakra began to be an individual, the other kidney began to light itself on fire and Mercury began to integrate itself as another sun. So all the beings who lived on those planets and others, where did they go? Yes, they came here, all to Earth. So the purpose to this made Earth very important. It became more important, so it needed more Light. It had a whole bunch of beings to anchor the Light. Earth is destined to become a sun, so one day it’s going to begin to burn. But don’t worry because it will happen in about five thousand million years time! It’s going to burn because it is going to ascend physically. In the meantime it needs many beings to anchor the Light here. That’s why different souls begin to be born in different forms; animal, vegetable, human... to bring that Light. The kingdoms are for different vibrations to anchor the Light.

The first kingdom that appeared was the mineral kingdom. It anchors the Light and keeps it on the planet and even brings the Light into the planet. From the minerals we get the second kingdom; the trees and the vegetation which is going to channel Light from the sky to Earth. A very important function of them is to create the atmosphere. What does the atmosphere do? It keeps the Light on the planet. The Light then comes and it doesn’t reflect but stays in so that the planet begins to warm up and have life (1:22:20). So from here there are many beings that aren’t going to receive Light. To reach these beings (animals) it will take many years of evolution. After, there are beings that think “if there are animals that eat the light then I’ll eat those beings”. That’s how carnivores begin to appear. The feeding process on Earth is essential. Food is the physical way to channel Light. Some people meditate, other people eat. The problem isn’t what you eat, but how you eat and how it digests. One can eat meat no problem, but it has to be able to digest appropriately. Where does the human being fit in here? Humans were called to come so that some being could anchor the light consciously and they needed them immediately. The Neanderthal and other beings were already appearing here, but they needed a being with culture, with word and thought that could do it immediately. That’s why the Galactic Confederation brought the human. The human being and its races are am mixture of original races from Earth and from the stars. What does the human being do? Well they eat everything. Why? They didn’t realise or understand why they were here. Of course to be a race it’s necessary to eat from these kingdoms, but also they have to realise that at some point they have to stop eating these kingdoms. One mustn’t stop eating something because they think it’s ‘bad’. We have to stop eating it when we feel we don’t need it anymore. The idea is for some day to survive only on sunlight. But relax and take your time. So the food chain is essential to understand this process.

Here is where the terrestrial or Earth Plan emerges which was created by the ancient civilisations –with the help of the Galactic Confederation to keep the Plan working on Earth. How do they do it? Through the Pyramids, science, cultures, civilisations... the pyramids are the best way to anchor the Light, with or without us. Even if the civilisations disappear, the Light will continue to be channelled through the pyramids. The problem is that our pyramids have an outdated window (1:25:00). The pyramids of today work on a window from 1997 or ’98 so they have to be programmed by ‘architects’, not by spiritual people. It’s like telling a Reiki Master to solve a software problem on your computer. Architects made the pyramids therefore architects have to install new ‘windows’. The ‘architects’ are going to come so don’t worry, but in the meantime we have to try to get rid of tourism. As long as there is still tourism it is important for us to become pyramids. (1:25:49). Here we have the Trees who are unconsciously active in the process, we’ve got the pyramids who are also unconscious but also a bit worn out, and we’ve got the humans who are totally unconscious right now. How can we make humans more conscious? Well, for them to learn from the other two, because we also have pyramid-like patterns in our geometry. To understand this we have to realise that what’s below is also important (1:26:26) The pyramid also has another pyramid below. It doesn’t mean ‘go up to the sky’, it means ‘let’s bring the sky Heaven down to Earth’. They are like energy machines that allow all the Divine Light from the being to continue to be anchored on Earth, although we humans get disconnected. They did them fast and quick at the time about 9,000BC to make sure that when the humans became disconnected, at least there would still be this to anchor the light. We also work downwards. We can only work in the new society if we take example of Trees. This is essential because by doing this (being like trees) we will be able to channel all of the light that planet Earth needs. If we ‘worry’ about our channelling process and not about the process of others, this is real compassion –compassion isn’t about helping others or giving without expecting in return; compassion and unconditional love is to accept the process of each person and to respect their timing. So focus on yourself in the next 2500 years, and relax!

To understand all of this, it is important to understand what ‘Time’ is, and how it is going to affect us. In ‘time’ we have past, present and future. This may be confusing as we are going to talk about a paradox in time. It’s important to understand why we are going to look at the following... This dot is the past, this here is the present and this is the future –we call it the ‘curve of time’. The past is what happened, the present is ‘here and now’, this perception of the present is completely illogical because we are always in past or future. I can only say that I am here in the present if I say “now, now, now, now, now...” it doesn’t make sense. At school we learnt that the concept of time like this is like a calculation of time so as to better understand historic events. We understand time this way basically because an historian decided so. This conception of time is completely illogical, it’s just an orderly method like organising books in a library, but it doesn’t really exist as so. So, we have an illogical present, and an extensive past and future. Now that we are accessing the 4th dimension, what must be understood is that time isn’t a curve with something illogical and another curve. Time is this –a curve joined with another curve. It’s not something that happened and we are living now and we are going to live after. Time is circular, it’s a circle. Where is the present then? It’s in everything, The eternal present, from being nothing it became everything. Therefore the present is eternal. Imagine we are ‘here’ and ‘here’; (1:31:05) and on the other side of the circle –from the parallel line- the same thing can happen, things repeat themselves. Is time something that happened? Will happen? What is Universal Time? It is the degradation or the corrosion of matter. So will time be ‘strictly’ what happened or what will happen? Here is where ‘time’ does not exist. I can be in one point of the circle and go to another because time is different vibration in matter. The past is a low vibration, the present is a static vibration and the future is a high vibration in constant movement. If I vibrate statically –which is what we tend to mostly do- then I’ll constantly be in the present. If we are able to change the vibration making it very high, we will go to the future, and if we vibrate very low we can go to the past. So, time depends on the vibratory state of matter and not what has happened. This is the paradox of time. This explanation is not meant to explode your mind, but for you to understand that time is not aligned –it’s not lineal, but circular.

Do you remember what happened after the fall of the Roman Empire? The Medieval Age came. Was it useful for you to know this? No. (Sorry to the teachers by the way) This is normal because it doesn’t make sense learning history this way. But if we study it as a circle, as something that repeats itself, then things begin to change. We have the ‘Sun Dawns’ in 2012. After the sun dawn what comes? Do you remember the whole thing ‘be aware he is returning’? It doesn’t mean that Jesus is coming back this time, but that the Christic Consciousness is coming back to Earth. When the Christic Consciousness comes to Earth (which is already coming) an empire will fall (the USA). After the fall of the empire came the Medieval age. The difference is that now it’s the Pisces age and what’s to come is the Aquarius age. It’s not going to be like the medieval age, this time it’s going to be technological. What’s important to understand here is that history repeats itself. This doesn’t happen ‘just because’, it repeats itself in a spiral so that we can understand what is going to happen and to get prepared for it. If we get disconnected from the circular time conception then we won’t know what to do or where to go and that’s what happened with Atlantis for example, at the end they became disconnected to the circle at the time and they thought ‘we can do it, we can go, we can continue being an empire because we can” but time said “no you can’t, and this is how it ended. The Mayans, for example, understood this and when the time came they just left. So we have the earth rotating around the sun and we have also got the sun in the middle, which our sun is turning around also (1:35:35). In our whole galaxy we have these twelve beings that are going to influence our process during this circular time. The ‘new age’ is not something that’s going to happen, but something we have to vibrate and tune in with. How can we do this? By vibrating and tuning in with our earth and with the sun. Each period that happens is called an ‘age’. Each period where the sun goes through is called an ‘age’. How long is this cycle? About 26,000 years. Every 2,100 years (aprox.) we go past our constellations with our planets and our sun. There are two major things that set a division in this process. On one side the light of the central sun reaches us less than on the other side. That’s what we’ve called a ‘galactic night and day’ (1:36:56). Now we are living the galactic night. Why? For about 12,000 -13,000 yrs we went into the Galactic Night, humanity began to disconnect from the central sun and we began to lose all our connection with the spiritual wisdom. During the Galactic Day we had a close relationship with many universal beings such as ET’s, angelic beings, we had our cosmic consciousness awaken and we brought the technology of the being etc. Wisdom used to come to people on its own. When the Galactic Night began, the wisdom could only come through the experience of matter, for e.g., through religion, philosophy, books, wise ones, monarchy... why is this? It’s a natural process in the galactic system, It’s ‘normal’. We mustn’t get frustrated with what has happened. Everything that we’ve been through in the last 12,000 -13,000yrs was to experience everything we had learnt during the galactic day but disconnected in matter to test if we had learnt it well. Disconnection during 12,000 – 13,000yrs and a connection during another 12,000-13,000yrs is a natural pattern of all evolutionary process, we all go through it. So, now we are at the transition between the end of Galactic Night and the beginning of the Galactic Day. That’s why it’s called the Galactic Dawn. This Dawn or transition is going to last about 150 years. During this the kundalini energy is going through Earth. When the planets go through the different constellations on the earth those constellations have an effect and activate. How does it activate? Through the fire energy that travels through our planet.

The ‘Kundalini’ (named by the Hindus) is basically a snake of fire that gets activated through the root chakras purifying all the matter with its light until it reaches the crown chakra where it activates and aligns the whole being. In each moment that the kundalini begins to move, it goes through an initiation. At the root chakra we go through sexual initiation. At the sacrum we go through a creativity initiation. At the solar plexus we go through ‘knowing of thyself’ and so on, and so everything activates. It’s very difficult to purify a being and sometimes you spend a whole life just to purify a single chakra. Earth also takes thousands of years to purify its chakras. About 300,000 years ago it began to activate in Africa (1:40:25) Africa is the root chakra of Earth. All that happened during that period in Africa has to do with purification of the root chakra. After Africa it began to purify the sacral chakra during the period of Lemuria and Atlantis –all of the water civilisations. Then the solar plexus activated in Asia, the civilisations after about 10,000BC to about 2,000BC began to practice philosophy, medicine, the discovery of the being of the centre, the integration of history –all that of the Oriental philosophy. That’s why the Oriental philosophy is coming into the western world, so that we begin to integrate with all of it, with all the things that we are frustrated with. That’s the reason why it’s starting to come into the western world. After, the heart chakra begins to activate in Europe –even though it doesn’t seem so. This doesn’t mean that Europe is loving because the heart chakra is activated, remember the heart chakra isn’t love –it is movement and unification, that’s why Europe moves and creates revolutions, artistic movements, social movements, organisational movements like, for e.g., Greenpeace, it also moves wars. Europe is the movement of the planet, that’s why it’s the heart. North America is the throat chakra because its function is to communicate. It’s the communicator of the planet. When North America began to activate, it began to unify the planet through globalisation with one language in a kind of government and economy –this doesn’t mean anything negative, it’s just the practice. Different matter is what the system is doing. The mistake isn’t the machine but those who control it. That’s the main problem really. North America has the function of communicating and unifying the planet through its system. Now the kundalini energy is activating itself in South America, in Lake Titicaca. This means that Earth is going to initiate its third eye. When in about 2050 it goes down to the Antarctic the crown chakra will activate –that’s probably when the pole shift will happen, when the Antarctic will become the North Pole. Antarctica is a chakra that will activate the whole planet, that’s why no one can touch it. We have a mental perception that grown land and the North Pole are ‘up’, it’s just because the magnetism draws us towards there. But if the magnetism changes and draws us to the Antarctic, our perception will change immediately towards Antarctica. You can see the universe one way or the other, either way it will continue to be the same. Actually, the Bolivians still draw the Antarctic in the North. Although it doesn’t seem so, the Bolivians in this aspect are the most evolved on Earth. They understand that the integration of everything is towards the Antarctic.

The structure of the earth is the nucleus, the magma and its hollows in some areas where there are cities inside the earth -which also belong to the Galactic Confederation and are put there to protect the centre of the earth. So while we work on the surface, the Galactic Confederation also protects the inside part and the outside part from the atmosphere upwards. Each one has their role and because we are a bit unstable on the surface, the ‘people below’ make sure we don’t reach the nucleus and the ‘people above’ make sure we don’t go too far away.

During the Age of Pisces we have been through many things which we are still frustrated with, for e.g. divisions, sex, religions, political control, etc. The Pisces age was necessary. I’ll explain its relationship with Aquarius. How can we understand what’s going to happen in Aquarius? There are many ideas; a world of peace, love, and unity where we will open (raise) our consciousness and become more spiritual again, that from one day to another all of humanity will improve. Or, that there will be a technological humanity of war and destruction. (See diagram @ 1:46:58) If I vibrate negatively ‘here’ then everything I see hereafter will be negative. If I vibrate positively then I’ll see everything after positively. So maybe in Aquarius many people will suffer and others will love it, will enjoy it. What’s important here is the ‘circular’ history. To know what’s going to happen in Aquarius we have to see what happened in previous ages. Do you know which age had similar events to what will happen in Aquarius? Leo, and on the other side of Pisces we have Virgo. So what happened in these ages? (1:47:51). Let’s look at Pisces and Virgo. The first thing that happened in Virgo was Atlantis. This happened about 15,000 years ago. Atlantis had its empire fall, its medieval age, its renaissance, its technological development era, ecological and artistic appeared in union with the spirit and Earth, work with new technology and unification of an empire, global domination, decay of a society, the fall of family, education, society and politics –all this influenced by a climate change which made it fall. So in Pisces then it’s going to be practically the same. The big difference is that in Virgo everything was done in order, with structure and according to what had to be done. In Pisces it’s not going to be in that order; it’s going to be done by dividing the plan ...one fish goes one way the other fish goes the other way. So, everything we are going to practice in Pisces is going to be done through duality. That’s why we are so frustrated with it, because we have been practicing duality intensely for about 2,200 years. We’ve got science/religion, man/woman, capitalism/communism, war/peace –the dualities were necessary to experience. The problem is that we are only ‘two’ years away from the beginning of a new age which has a new tune, and we are so frustrated with 2,200 years of history. I would advise you to begin soon.

So now to see what’s going to happen in Aquarius we should look at Leo; When Atlantis fell, the Atlantians immigrated to Egypt, to what we know as the Mayan land. During these periods machines were created that would make sure that the mistake made in Virgo wouldn’t occur again. In Virgo they knew that the Galactic Night was coming so they tried everything possible to anchor the plan on Earth, because the human was going to be disconnected in 2000 years time so they had to guarantee that even if humanity was going to become disconnected, it would continue with the plan. During Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aries, they worked with different groups of knowledge –‘Wise Ones’ to bring this knowledge through the Galactic Night, through the confusion. During Leo, what happened was the unification of humanity according to a political and spiritual plan. So, it was their intention and idea to all unify in Leo for all to be connected again. The difference between Leo and Aquarius is that in Leo everything was done through the kingdom/ the glory, in Aquarius we are not going to work this way. It is going to be through ‘flowing’ –through ‘going with the flow’. In Aquarius we are going to unify all that became separate and divided. The same way Leo tried to integrate all that was done ‘wrong’ by the Atlantians. Aquarius is going to have to integrate everything that was ‘done wrong’ by the people of the Pisces. In Aquarius we are not going to ‘fly up’ to 5th dimension, from 3rd dimension we can still easily vibrate in 5th dimension. We probably won’t see angels. We’re not going to experience an age where we are connected (fully) spiritually. Aquarius is an age where we are going to work socially in constant communication with new technology and the unification of the plan of Earth -to become conscious again of that plan on Earth. Inside Aquarius we are going to have a period of 150 -200 years where we have to integrate the Age of Aries.

What’s happening with the earth today? Today on Earth we are going to go through this vibration (1:53:35). As you can see, this vibration is constantly on Earth. What happened in Virgo? Yes Atlantis. Now we are entering Aquarius so what does this vibration mean? The ‘indigo’ vibration. It has always been present in the history of humanity. It’s not as if there are Indigo souls, it’s the planet which vibrates in Indigo. Indigo is the colour of transmutation and change. During history there are higher or lower intensities of indigo vibration. Can you see the highest peaks at the end of Atlantis and at the current date? (1:54:16) Indigo means transmutation of everything which is stuck. Atlantis became very stuck and in Pisces we are also in the same situation, so now we need a group which deconstructs (reconnects) everything –that’s the idea. During Virgo what was mainly experienced was wisdom: working the process through knowledge. During 7000 years, Virgo, Leo, Cancer and part of Gemini worked with wisdom on Earth –through the ‘Wise Ones’, the kingdoms, priests etc. That’s why in those ages, the example to follow was by the wise elders (with the long beards and so on).

During the Age of Taurus (4000BC) we have Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Babylon etc. In Taurus, the age of Will begins. So, during Taurus, Aries and Pisces the humans practice the ‘will of being’. From here humanity is going to work through wars, professions, work, efforts, and studies etc. Who is going to be the example to follow? It’s going to be the adults. Everyone follows the guidance of the adults –the importance of work and effort. So after, during Aquarius begins the age of the ‘Sacred Trinity’: Wisdom, Will and Love (unconditional love). During Aquarius, Capricorn, and Sagittarius we are going to work for 7,500 years of Love on Earth (1:56:16). This doesn’t mean that we are going to be loving. During the ages of Wisdom we work on Will and Love through Wisdom. During the ages of Will we work on Wisdom and Love through Will. During the ages of Love we are going to work on Wisdom and Will through Love. This is what’s going to happen. This is why some adults are suffering so much with the young ones today. During the Age of Aquarius the pattern that will follow is the teenager –that’s why sometimes we are sent to share this information and being younger than 25yrs old- for people to get used to it. This is why society is so focused on the teenagers today. The adults and the elderly wanting to be more like teenager style (everything seems to be made in the ‘teenagers’ style). It has its logic. It’s not that elders will disappear; it’s that the vibration is young. Before, there were also children and the vibration was ‘older’, it’s just the example for the teenagers to follow. We are going to live in a vibration of love and fluidity. Who ‘flows’ the best? The young ones do. We can’t continue with the structured work of the adult. That’s why the transition between Will and Love is creating so much suffering. The adults now call the young generation the ‘No generation’ -No work, no study...nothing! They were born to lie down and wait, and in the meantime play video games. This is because somehow we have to break away from the structured system and many times it’s going to be through non-action and peaceful ways of being done. The peaceful way is to not interfere in the process. I sit down and wait... “He doesn’t do his homework!”... “Why should I? I don’t care!”... “You won’t be able to make a living!”... “How do you know? I may be able to, who knows what happens tomorrow?!”... So we are going to do things through flowing and we are not going to work just for the sake of working. We are going to work because we feel we must work. This is Will through Love. One is not going to learn to have a great C.V, but to learn what it is one has to learn and for this to be applied. That’s why I say ‘working through fluidity and love’. We’ve got the ‘elder’ which is ‘Wisdom’, the ‘adult’ which is ‘Will’, the ‘young one’ which is ‘Love’ and for the ‘child’ to reach ‘child’ we still have to wait for a long time. Now we are entering the ‘young one’ which means at least 200 years of social teenager. This is going to hurt. This means constant transformation. It’s good to know for those adults who are having a hard time as teachers or parents. This is what’s new; Teenagers, not necessarily a group of beautiful spiritual beings connected with God. We have to understand that all of them are a part of the process, that’s why I put up these images (2:00:00). Every young person who is helping to transform society is doing an ‘Indigo’ process. It’s not a specific group with a kind of ‘Indigo I.D’. What I’m trying to explain here is that we shouldn’t try to classify the young people. For example, a very common categorisation, can you see those two images at the top left and right? Who are they? They call them ‘Dark/Emo’s/Goths’ Who would you think they really are? At what level are they coming from? Not from the ‘dark/demons’, they normally come from the Christic level because they are here to channel the pain and suffering of society through their body and soul. They are purifying the planet through their being and life. So darkness is not always a negative thing. We must understand that all of them are doing their process and work here.

These generational changes affect society to transform it. This is going to be done basically in two ways: action and non-action. We are used to the action because we have been working with Will for 7000 years. We have the tendency to implement action through political parties, revolutions, unions, transform through politics. We have to study to make a living, we have to work all our life to afford a beautiful coffin. We have reached that point in society, haven’t we? That inherited mortgage and all that. This doesn’t make sense anymore, because everything which is Will...Will with no Love –is falling. Everything which is ‘change through action’ begins to fail because it’s no longer the ‘action’ but the ‘non-action’. What is ‘non action’? It doesn’t mean to be non active; it means not to participate in the process. I look what is happening and I don’t participate until I feel that I must. This is to make all that excessive action slow down and crash into a wall. Those who are working through non action are basically just waiting to begin to do what they have come here to do. In the meantime they work as a filter for action. If before we needed a revolution to transform society, now it’s going to be through an anti-revolution. Many are waiting for world peace, but when we have to transform war it’s pretty illogical to declare a war for peace! We are very stuck with this point –to fight for peace –it’s very illogical. What should be done is to not participate in the war. How do we finish with war? Stop feeding the system. I just sit down and I wait. This hurts a lot, both for the one sitting down and waiting and for the one observing the person sitting down and waiting, because there are souls who have agreed to be stuck during 30 years –not because they want to but because society forces them to, because it has become frustrated with action. They know they mustn’t feed the society by participating in it, but when they come here and are born, society tells them constantly what it has to do... but he or she feels that they must not do it, so they get stuck and they become socially deserted. They begin to be oppressed with family, education, culture, religion, and so on and one ends up spending 30 years of their life not knowing what to do when they should have done it before. Also many adults are so adapted to the age of Will and work and action, those are the ones that are obsessively thinking that they have to work to survive, and then the universal systems bring down something to the physical plane which is very painful, called ‘unemployment’. All the systems that appear on Earth are previously made by the ‘mathematical universal geometrical systems’. What does unemployment do? It stops you by force. If you don’t stop and contemplate what is happening around you, it will force you to stop so that you can calmly observe it. But there are people in this situation that just can’t see it. Here’s where the problem comes, because one must continue and walk. The least amount of people worried; the better they can do what they’ve come here to do. That’s why non action is an example of how to work with a new vibration –at least during a short period of time. Adults don’t understand this very well and think ‘how can I tell my son to get a move on and to work?’ The best thing is to not say anything; just let them do it when they have to do it. Adults should support them in their process and for each of them to do their process. Adults don’t have to worry about the young ones but to worry about themselves. The rest will work out itself.

Things are going to begin to change in parts. We’ve got family, education, economy, society, and politics. Through these, the systems will fall and regenerate. Why does the family have to change? Because it’s a Pisces type of organisation: mother/father, male/female, son/daughter, grandmother/grandfather... It’s just a practice which was absolutely necessary to experience during the last 2000 years. In Aries, 4000 years ago, the family structure was very relative. They had groups where there were many women married with many men. After –in Pisces, things had to be dual. Now in Aquarius things are going to have to flow, e.g. I go here...I see this... I go to another place... I can have many ‘couples’ in the same week to experience and if I don’t like any of them I can just go on my own. The family is just a joint process to evolve. The family can be two or a hundred people. Education also begins to break down because it doesn’t work anymore; because it only works on a small part of the left brain i.e. attention and memory. This produces poor synapses. A synapse is the relationship between neurons which connects and produce a kind of learning. If I’m experiencing something new, a synapse begins to occur in a different rotation of the brain –to learn it. At this level of education we have poor synapses which makes you yawn and suddenly someone in the class sys something stupid and you begin to have a ‘synapses...synapses...synapses’ and then the teacher say “Quiet!” and then you go back to the poor synapses. Laughing and saying silly things is a good method of joining the two hemispheres of the brain. This is important for the new education –to work with theory and practice of both hemispheres of the brain. ‘They’ don’t have to eliminate theory just because we are frustrated with it because we have been using it for so long and so many times... theory is also important but it must be constantly adapted to practice experimentation, imagination, and creation. I can teach five subjects i.e. mathematics, language, chemistry, geometry, and physics in just one hour –this is to adapt the theory to practice. This is the idea that the school should follow in the future. Not to eliminate theory and do absurd things because sometimes we tend to do the same systems but in different styles –the reverse for example: Before, people used to do homework but now they’ve decided to make the children paint mandalas. They used to punish children, now they make them meditate. Before, they’d do physical education, and now they would sing around a tree. We shouldn’t disguise the form, but change the content and the structure of it. We live in a physical world, so we have to learn how to live and survive in a physical world. We can’t love based on fairytale ideas flying about, all the ideas should have a practical use –So use the understanding of guards, spirituality, angels, masters to work here and how we can use this and express it here.

When it comes to economy we know that the economy is already collapsing and will collapse even more when the solar storms take the satellite systems –well that’s another story which we will see later. The economy doesn’t fall because its ‘bad’ or ‘negative’, it begins to collapse when it gets worn out, when it’s overused and abused. This is what’s happening now. There are so many numbers, banks... that it’s beginning to fail. It ends when it begins to empty itself. That’s why many young ones are emptying the adults’ pockets. This doesn’t mean that it’s the positive or only way of doing it, it’s happening now by force because it became ‘stuck’. Society will end up falling because during Pisces a tendency was for society to unite in groups, associations, with a name, a flag, a common name, for everyone to collaborate for the same thing. But in Aquarius the society is flexible. This means ‘I can create a group which can last one day but during that day I collaborated with someone and I help to make something... I met with a lot of people, I did what I had to do, and now it’s time for me to continue my process and again meet with another group to collaborate and continue with my process’ –it’s a continuous process. It’s a kind of way that we practice between individuals and groups, we go from groups to again being alone, we go back to another group and we become alone again. The group isn’t going to be the most important but it’s going to be each individual journey that is important. Society is going to change by breaking down everything within its social organisations to create social networks. Before, we would meet in a house to discuss how to solve the world problems and now we are going to go to Facebook (for e.g.) and in Facebook I connect if I feel like it and if I don’t want to I don’t exist. I decide where I go, what I share, and when I want to share it. It’s flexible. It’s going to be about total flexibility. Politics will fall on its own, because politics is just propaganda. Politics is like the pineal gland of our physical body –the part that controls and organises the rest, but if it’s based on something absurd then the rest won’t work. Politics (or the pineal gland) is propaganda which all the rest of the chakras listen to. Politics is propaganda (e.g.) so this whole thing that saying that coca cola is bad and don’t drink it –surely what’s going to happen is that you’re going to think about that coca cola and end up having one. If I say that politics us bad and negative and that there are political conspiracies then one is going to think constantly about the conspiracies and end up giving it energy. How can we put an end to propaganda? Ignore the propaganda, this way it loses strength and it ends up falling on its own e.g. “If we don’t vote, the bad ones will win again” well let them win, so what! When they win they’re going to face such a disaster that they’re not going to know what to do so...worse for them. Just let them be.

What I am most interested to share is the following: What is the base or the pillar of society? Which is the most important aspect to change that will affect the race? Is it Family? Education? Economy? Economy is the pillar of any society. We don’t like it because it is being perverted. In our physical body which chakra represents economy? It’s the heart chakra. The heart is the bank, and the blood is the money/material goods. What’s wrong with the current use of the economy today? Where does all the money go to? To the heart –the bank, and if all the blood (money) goes to the heart, you have a heart attack. That’s what’s happening with the economy today. All the blood is going towards the heart and that’s why the economy is exploding. The system can’t bare it any longer. The heart has to give blood to all parts of the body and wherever it is lacking in blood it must go there. It has to be balanced. Have you ever heard the saying ‘full belly, happy heart’? Well the physical society doesn’t sustain itself from the mind or the heart, it can only sustain itself by feeding itself, and therefore limitation is crucial. So really, to start the change from the ‘family’ is a bit difficult because the family has to survive economically. Without a balanced economy the family can’t sustain itself. How can I teach my son or daughter to create a new society if we are sustaining ourselves in a banking society? It’s a bit difficult. We cannot start the change with education neither, because the teacher has to pay his or her rent, tax, and other things, so he/she ends up tired at the end of the day and when he/she arrives at school tells the student “read page 28 and shut up!” Society is formed by the movement of its members. Politics is the pineal gland, if the heart stops, the mind dies. So the heart economy is the change of all societies. The best way to begin a subtle change is to continue the changes of the economy and the education, so that education can help to create a new society. Not a political society, but a sustainable society. It’s going to be very important to heal the beliefs we have about economy. One has to relax, breathe deeply and be free. When will these changes take place? That’s where we are now –between Pisces and Aquarius 2012.

This is how the change is going to take place: Can you see the line that splits both Ages? (2:17:55) -This process is what we call ‘transition’, and it lasts about 200 years. The Aquarian vibration began about 100 years ago on Earth, especially in the ‘40s and ‘50’s it began to vibrate more intensely and now we are vibrating a fair bit. In 2012 we go to the Aquarian age more or less, but look how the Pisces vibration continues (overlaps) into Aquarius. During this period (the next 100 years) we are going to have to integrate Pisces. We are still going to have systems and social ‘complexes’. Things aren’t going to change from one day to another. And one day maybe things begin to collapse so that we can begin to integrate it, however it doesn’t end; it collapses –which is quite different. On 21 December 2012 the two suns align, after this we enter into a process during 2013 and 2014 of constant transformation of things. Remember that the future is just a projection of the past, which means it is predictable but not exact as it’s constantly vibrating very highly. So what we think or say is going to happen is not necessarily going to happen. What’s going to happen depends on how we are vibrating at the moment. I can tell you what ‘should’ happen in 2013 according to the Plan, but because it depends on what will be done and happen here it’s never going to be exact. During the alignment of the two suns with our planet, a great burst of light from the central sun is going to affect us. Here’s an example to help you understand; our planet represents the finger articulation, the sun is the wrist articulation, the elbow represents Sirius, the shoulder is Alcyone (another important star located in the Pleiades) and the heart is the central sun of the galaxy. We all move this way (clockwise), and during 2012 we are going to slign. All the suns align towards Earth. This means that the pulse of the central sun points directly towards us. Another sun isn’t going to appear on the horizon like some have said. If this happens I’d advise you to begin to run away now! This pulse of the central sun will reactivate the other suns, especially our sun –creating sun storms which will burst out huge electromagnetic waves towards this planet. The first planet to be affected will be Mercury, then Venus, and after will be Earth. Earth has an electromagnetic shield to protect us from the electromagnetism –the problem here is that this doesn’t cover our satellite. Maybe all the communication on our planet will collapse. When this happens, everything to do with communications or finance will be deleted and this may be the crisis that everyone is talking about. When the computers begin to fail then you’ll end up with the four Euros that you had in your pocket! Someone asked “Will my mortgage also be deleted?” Who knows? Well if they printed it before then maybe you’ll still be screwed! Everything that appeared as zeros and ones on the computer system will begin to go crazy, so the main problem will be for those who are attached to the financial system, those with credit cards and all those type of things. It’s not that money will disappear forever, what will end is the financial accumulation of money. During this process, maybe many people will become vibrationally ‘unstable’ because when the vibration of the planet begins to increase, then our brain vibration will also increase, and here is what the whole consciousness change of 2012 talks about. This doesn’t really mean that we are going to connect with the spirits again, but probably it will create in some people a certain imbalance where before they were very structured. So for some people who are vibrating in a structured manner will suddenly activate their right brain and begin to see things and go half to sleep... behave strangely for a while. Maybe those who are connected will suddenly close down. So this doesn’t mean we are entering an age where we are going to all be connected again, but we are going to transform ourselves –that’s the important part. There’s going to be a new consciousness because there’s going to be something different, and this will last for some years, the social process will last for about 50 to 60 years. So, relax again. It’s a social process (gradual); not a process in our life. Your life may change in two days but to change a society it takes years so don’t expect things to change drastically and suddenly. The satellite system may break down suddenly, yet the rest will take its time.

The main bases and pillars to understand for how to live through this process now are the following:

1: We have to remember that to be able to channel light we have to know that we are here for that purpose. In Aquarius we are going to channel light for a different process. First of all, what’s important to know is it’s going to be a process of individuality. During 2000 years we are going to practice experiencing an individual process –where we won’t depend so much on others. Each person should know what they have to do and when they have to do it. That’s why associations and relationships are starting to fail, and people are feeling a bit lonely more than ever. Even the spiritual guides who were constantly around us are letting go to see if we can start walking ok. So if you feel lonely, try to enjoy it and don’t be afraid of being alone because individuality is going to be a process to work on.

2: Health Direction -From now on the spiritual masters are going to become learning partners. They were helping to guide us before when we were completely lost but now our process will be to be individual and not in groups, so we don’t need masters. Each person knows what they have to do and where they have to go. If someone tells you to begin to stock on food and run to the mountains to save yourself, don’t necessarily take notice (of their advice) because maybe your part must be done in the middle of the city. Each person knows what they must do. They have agreed to it before (on a soul level). So, it’s important to flow and do what on feels they have to do.

3: Spiritual Authority -We don’t necessarily have to become spiritual or be authoritarian. We have to join light with darkness. When we begin to join and stand bold then we begin to be our own spiritual authority. This means that we become an integrated being who knows what they have to say and when they have to say it, and it doesn’t matter if it bothers someone. If it does bother someone than there must be a reason for it –something must have affected them inside.

4: Anchorage –To be here and now, present, not to fly around the atmosphere. Our process was to be born here to bring Earth back to Heaven.

5: Ego –Our personality. There is a misunderstanding about the ego, many understand it as something negative and have ideas of needing to delete the ego to become pure again. Ego means ‘I’ in Latin. I can’t delete my ‘I’. What I can do is balance it. So it doesn’t become egocentric or selfish. I have to balance it. This is an important difference. We have to be full and balanced during the time we are doing what we have to do here and for this to be possible we need our ego. ‘Ego Supreme’ is ‘Big I Am’ –so even if someone is trying to influence your process, you have to determine your boundaries... for everyone to know that it’s your process and you can’t decide for others, nor others can decide for you –for this, the ego is important.

6: Love –Unconditional love; this means to accept the process of others. The day we begin to accept the process of even the worst politicians, occults, humanities (for example), and to accept that their role is important for certain things -even though they may be ‘doing it wrong’ or in a negative way because they don’t know how to do it ‘well’ – the day be begin to integrate this, we begin to live ‘unconditional love’. Unconditional love isn’t selective, it’s not just for the ‘few good ones’, it’s for everyone. We are all in the process. So take this into consideration when the time comes to practice it.

7: Stability –It is very important and it can only be achieved through detachment; not leaving everything, but to not be affected if one has things or not. If I have a lot of things, then don’t be affected. If you have a lot of things, don’t be affected by it. It’s important to live in harmony and balance so that we don’t get emotionally affected by what’s happening outside, this way we can attain stability.

8: We can’t achieve any of these things without happiness. For about 10,000 years humans have made an important ‘mistake’ of searching for happiness. People did things to find happiness. The aim of humanity is to be happy, that’s probably why people never find it. Happiness shouldn’t be an aim, but a state of being during the journey. Happiness is the foundation of the ‘rest’, not the ‘rest’ to find happiness. How should you try to be Happy? However you want to, for example, laughing, saying silly things (jokes), enjoying matter and spirituality in matter. We westerners don’t have a doctrine, we have fluidity and laughing in that fluidity. Laughing raises the vibration of our body to 7th dimension, so it’s important to laugh and say silly things. Otherwise when you reach 7th dimension and you say “Oh my master” you’ll probably hear ‘him’ say “Look what a silly face you have on you” –don’t worry if this happens, you probably just needed a bit more laughter (to lighten up a little!)

My advice to live during these times is first of all: Breathing –to breathe appropriately, deeply and constantly with the abdomen, not with the lungs; with the lungs we immobilise our emotions and work outwards. With our stomach we integrate everything that was old to be useful to what’s new (to shift old energy to new). A lot of abdominal breathing as it activates energetic patterns that surround us.

2: How you feed yourself –to eat what the body needs, not what you believe your body needs. If the body only needs water, just give it water. If it needs meat then give it meat. It is important to respect the needs of our body.

3: Anchorage –to be here and now.

The three things in this order reflect the following;

To Be Trees

Everything you do with your breathing, feeding and anchoring can be understood by being trees. They are the best ‘masters’ that we can have during the next two thousand years. They don’t speak, they respond by being. They breathe in light, they channel and transform it through their feeding system. They take it down to Earth by being present on Earth and they give it back to all other beings on Earth.

We are universes practicing inside another universe, helping this big universe to understand itself by understanding ourselves. We have to do this by living happily with everything that is in this universe and by allowing ourself to flow in experimenting (experiencing) everything that we can in this universe. The best way to do it is as simple as breathing, eating and being like trees.

From now on each of us has the answer within to know how to live our future. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen in the future, what’s important is for it to happen and for you to enjoy it. When you finish listening to this, do something stupid, go to the cinema, eat something solid, go for a walk... whatever you want to do, and please try to forget about everything you have heard here for a couple of days, because the idea is for the information to resonate within yourselves and not in your left brain as it has up to now. My advice... Be like trees, enjoy yourself, laugh, and forget about this for a couple of days and thanks a lot for being present here in this process now.

Time to decide... Are you ready to be part of it?

Thank you

Matias De Stefano, Argentina


Many thanks to Sally Brocklehurst of Melbourne, Australia for transcribing this epic work.