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Reciprocity and Mother Earth
Consciousness and Spirituality
Written by Robyn Justo   

There is a sweet, subtle, sacred space between our breaths. It is the moment of reciprocity, of mutual dependence, of beautiful balance, and of an exchange of privileges. It is something that we do naturally in relationship to our Mother Earth. We could not do it without her. This blessed pause is often something that we rarely acknowledge and tend to forget.

As we look around the planet, we are noticing how quickly that life can change for us and for those around us. This awareness does not have to generate fear, but mere awe at the fluidity and malleability of our reality, a reality which adjusts itself according to our thoughts, words, and beliefs. But it doesn’t have to take these dramatic events and disasters of tremendous enormity to shift our awareness.

We cannot help but notice that the systems and structures that seemed so solid for so long and seemed to support us for centuries have started to crumble. Our financial establishments, political and religious structures, health care systems, and even our relationships with one another seem to be disintegrating right before our eyes. Even our currency is no longer current.

Many, many years ago, necessary goods and services were exchanged, necessary being the operative word. If someone was hungry, he offered a service or item to the person who was providing food. If someone needed shoes, he offered something to the shoemaker. And if someone was ill, there was an exchange for medical treatment. There was no excess because there was an acknowledgment of mutual dependence, and the things of value were the essentials of food, shelter, and clothing. But more than this, there was a balance and exchange of energy and an acknowledgment of commonality and reciprocity.

We might ask ourselves what talents and services we would be able to offer. And what would have real value to us anymore? At some point, we might need to return to the indigenous ways and use our intuition instead of information, exchange and barter for the things that we need and aren’t convinced by the media that we should want or have in order to be happy or successful, learn how to plant gardens again, remember how to share and treat one another with respect, and actually worship the ground we all walk on.

We also created words as an exchange of energy on the planet, but all too often they become our own worst enemies. We use them to express our thoughts, emotions, and needs, but also use them to convince, criticise, and condemn. Sometimes, even with good intent, they fall short and are very misunderstood and lost in translation altogether, even if two people speak the same language. Our hearts are all the same, created from the same Divine substance, but we tend to forget this when doctrines abrade, when belief systems collide, and when the illusion of difference polarises us.

If there were a group of people in a room and no one spoke, how would we determine whether we had differences or similarities in our thoughts and beliefs? We probably wouldn’t and we might meet one another and exchange a smile instead of a word, or a hug, comforted by a common breath, heartbeat, and home. Even religious differences cannot exist without words, and yet when we hear the ones we don’t agree with, we are willing to kill over the ones we do.

Small and seemingly innocent words such as if, when, and or create thought patterns and programs of a nonexistent reality and something yet unattained. If this happens, when I get this item or have that relationship, or this or that changes, indicate a discontentment and incompleteness that dilutes the now and fills that tiny kingdom of space between our breaths with doubt instead of gratitude and reflection. We begin to become sedated, distracted, and hypnotised with words and messages from the media about needs and desires that don’t really exist. With enough programming, we will convince ourselves that we will never have or be enough, and we will continue to want more of bigger, better, faster, thinner, richer, and prettier to fill the emptiness that we have been told exists within us, in spite of the fact that we are depleting natural resources by our overzealous and insatiable consumerism.

But all energy is neutral whether it is in the form of communication or currency. It is how we choose to perceive it and our intent that gives it form to do harm or good in the world. It is a gift that we can autograph with our collective signature and send it out, exponentially amplified, with blessed intent.

These days, our lives are being continually downloaded with words and data that are increasing in both volume and speed. But what happens when we get so twisted in the cybernetting of technology and artificial networking that it causes us to detach from ourselves and our planet? Are we distracting our brains, disconnecting our hearts, fragmenting our souls, and forgetting how to simply breathe and be?

Our hearts and souls bind us in our commonality and connect us to our home here. Heart is the constant, underlying and unifying power. It is our operating system. Mind is simply the program we are running.

In the midst of the chaos of the rampant activity, the endless thoughts and fears of a frightened ego, and programs of the mind lies the quiet stillness and absoluteness, a reminder of how we are integral and microcosmic parts of Mother Earth and have the ability to remain in the world, but not of it. It is only in that pause, in that moment of the cessation of thought, that remembrance and the natural exchange of reciprocity can occur. It is place where peace and the possibility of transformation reside. It is our choice to fill that moment with gratitude for everything that we have and will ever need, and remember to do our part and return the favour in whatever way we are directed to do so to restore balance to the process of perfection and to the planet.

This is so simple that even an adult can do it. A child lives in constant gratitude and simplicity, laughing from the heart with the joy of life and discovery, fascinated with bright coloured flowers and playful animals, and delighted with the freedom of rolling on the grass. We need to become unadulterated, pure, clean, and simple again, and allow ourselves to become deliriously and ecstatically intoxicated from of the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine rising in the air around us, tranquillised by the pleasure and repose of the sound of the ocean waves, and all of the gifts of a generous Mother who is always ready to fulfil the Divine promise in response to a prayer that has already been answered. We need to heal the emptiness inside and remember the intra-dimensional kingdom that is within us, realise that we have enough, and open our eyes to the loving nurturance that is always available to us.

Maybe we are the avatars, filled with our own data, encryptions, and memories, created by our souls for life on planet Earth. If so, then we can change our programs instantaneously at any time by a simple decision and direction from the soul. We can choose a new reality versus virtuality, remove the veil and finally see with the eyes of the heart, and find true fellowship with one another on this incredible Mothership. We can remember that we are a part of an infinitely unified system that will always be there for us, breathing in unison and restoring us to wellness and balance.

Healing isn’t a miracle and has nothing to do with an outdated health care system. Healing and balance are our birthright and both are restored as there is a Divine dissolution of ego, structure, and unnecessary programs that we ourselves have agreed to. All that isn’t needed is falling away, to be replaced by overwhelming waves of compassion that will bring tears to our eyes and break our hearts open from the inside out by the mere recognition that this world exists for us.

Look around and you’ll see it. Close your eyes and you’ll feel it. There will be fewer words but more love as we remove our 3D glasses. We can choose reciprocity and we can begin again to worship this beautiful ground that we are so blessed to walk on.

This amazing change, this subtle shift, can happen within one breath and it will happen within us or without us. We will soon remember that in the beginning was the only word that counted, and that word was love.

Robyn Justo

Robyn Justo

Robyn Justo is an author and columnist for Foolish Times, an alternative newspaper in Monterey, California and the Macomb Observer in Michigan, a publication that includes writers such as John Stossel and Zig Ziglar. Her column and book are both titled “The Expiration Date.” She has been featured in various publications for Senior Wire on the East coast and has written for Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley's online magazine, Kinetics.

Robyn has been an advertising sales and marketing executive and has spent many years in the high tech field in Silicon Valley. Having always had a foot in both worlds as a balance, she also has a very strong spiritual background. She is a Reiki Master and intuitive healer.


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