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11:11 Tribute to My Best Friend and Soul Sister
To: Sally Brocklehurst
From: Cedar Rivers

You and I met serendipitously on Facebook,

New Years Eve 2009 over cactus flowers and Spirit Orbs.

Our connection and conversations began online

and are now meticulously woven daily in real time.

We first met in person at a gathering at sister Chriski’s

to celebrate an auspicious 11:11:11 meditation and meal.

11:11 portals open to greater awakenings, and tender

remembrance of war-lost treasured family and friends.

A blue Orb in the Warburton Forest initialled CS,

two circles in grass confirmed a mandorla of friendship.

In earth cycles and age I could be your grandmother,

in the realm of Soul we are cherished Spirit Sisters.

How else the telepathy, telempathy, Divine love,

high magic, harmony and grace? Living as Soul .

I’m enriched by your honesty, principles, gratitude, giving

and forgiving, and openness to receiving life's precious gifts.

I'm touched by your originality, mindfulness, creativity, kindness,

freedom,  cooking with love, reading me books and singing me songs.

Your keen interest and astute enquiry helps me reveal things

I didn’t know I knew.

You’re my ‘go to’ person with whom to safely share my dreams,

successes and failures.

Joy, editing, tech wizardry, music, philosophy, psychology,

travel, and exploration of Nature’s eternal beauty.

In a world of suffering and mediocrity,

your wholeness and genius inspires and enchants.

People and animals are healed by your patience, skill,

compassion and passion for all that you do.

Your innate wisdom and natural abilities alleviate pain, anguish

and illness, turning suffering into wellness for clients and friends.

Now on 11:11:15 I’m so blessed to share the laughter, tears,

our happy home, and journey of discovery with you.

Thank you Dearest Soul Sister Sal.

I love you to Arcturus and back.


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