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Clarity for Life Online Modules Now Available

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The glorious truth of who we really are is finally being revealed. However, simultaneously the associated disconnect from numbing old beliefs and freedom from inglorious control structures often brings disbelief and rage.

Many are living at the extremes of opposites. Local, national and global changes are usually quite obvious. They are often imaginative, inspirational and innovative - while at other times explosive, brutal and seemingly insurmountable. Meanwhile, our internal changes may range from being extremely confusing and uncomfortable, through to the exhilaration of reconnection with our True Selves and the wonder that it all entails.

We may well be in the midst of the greatest leap of evolutionary change in the history of humanity, and as such the needs of the individual to navigate these profound developments with finesse and wisdom have never been more acute.

Such transformation calls for access to reliable information, and a deep understanding of how to follow the astute inner guidance of our True Selves, and how to co-create new realities with well-practised new abilities.

Some months ago when I was deeply contemplating how I could best serve others during the increasing demands of transformation, I became even more aware of the importance of the clarity needed to facilitate a safe entrance into the unfamiliar areas of an expanded and sovereign life.

How can we possibly move forward if we are not clear about where we wish to go?
How can we live in joy and celebration if we are not clear about our spiritual tribe?
How can we surrender in trust if we are unclear about who we can rely on?
How can we live our divine mission without first having total clarity and passion for it?
How can we best cope with discomfort and unfamiliarity unless we understand the process of ascension?
How can we live our optimal life as our Higher Self unless we consciously reconnect to Divine Source?

If you choose to work with this self-study course, you can discover the answers to these questions and more - and that is why I am so excited to be launching it this July 2015. You can find all the details at www.clarityforlife.training

I invite you to join me to gently midwife ourselves and each other through this delicate rebirthing of our Luminous True Selves.
Please share this message with your family, friends, and data base and social media contacts.

With great clarity and much love,
Cedar Rivers


Module Topics - See my brief outline for the first topics below Cedar's Signpost

This course is unique and is rather like participating in your own private Mystery School.

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Working with the Course

Clarity for Life Course has Seven Pivotal Threads

1.    Cedar’s teaching and worksheets

2.    Your research and inner work

3.    Interactive work with your buddy

4.    Daily movement and stillness

5.    Constant observation of yourself

6.    Work on your creative projects

7.    Your Clarity Diary or journal entries


You Will Need

A folder for loose-leaf printouts

A journal or diary

Clarity Book i.e. exercise book

Pen and coloured pencils


Clarity for Life Self-Study Online Course

Module 1.  Your Ancestors and Allies

·      Relating with those on your ‘family tree’ and ‘kindred star'

·      Observing, clarifying and advancing relationships

·      Who you journey through life with, and why

·      Who and what matters; Vision for Your Future

·      Observations and exercises for your Clarity Book

·      Daily movement and stillness exercises


Module 2.  Earth Changes and Preparedness

·      Hurricane, flooding, fire, heat wave, earthquake, volcano

·      Prophecy and predictions

·      Monitoring updates on solar activity, volcanoes, earthquakes

·      Dealing with changes in finances, living conditions, climate

·      Animal needs, exchanging skills, bartering, volunteering

·      Changes at the north and south poles

·      First aid, documents, food and water supplies, house needs

·      In the event of cuts to power, water, telephone, internet

·      Intentional communities, self-sufficiency, urban, rural

·      Checklists for Change


Module 3  The New Children

The New Children, sometimes known as Star, Crystals, Blue Rays, Quantum, Rainbows and a variety of other labels, began arriving en masse in the mid-nineties and into the noughties, and continue to this day.

They have inherited a troubled and tumultuous world and are using their exceptional abilities to advance consciousness and creativity. Many are already solving major problems with their inventions and activism.

They require conscious and imaginative parenting, grand-parenting and teaching. This module helps identify their characteristics and how you can cherish, educate and celebrate these remarkable children and indeed, all children.