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'But What Can I Do?' E-mail
Written by Cedar Rivers   

‘But What Can I Do?’

Are you one of those aware people concerned that humanity may go the way of the dinosaur and mammoth unless we all do something about it now - immediately - if not sooner? So many care deeply yet have no idea how to help.

I have heard many comment: ‘But what can I do?’

My best friends, including my sister and I spend almost every waking hour doing everything we possibly can to make our contributions to co-creating a better world - each one of us has a different way - yet we’re all on the same page. No complaints. We do it because we want to. We’re here at this time on the planet to do so, and wouldn’t have it any other way. We do it because we signed on to be of service to humanity, the planet and Divine Source. It’s a privilege to do this work. We all want a more conscious, kinder, healthier, compassionate and equitable humanity.

Please allow me to make some suggestions that will need you taking the initiative if you wish to make a difference in these ways. FIND SOMEONE - OR AN ORGANISATION - WHO IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND VOLUNTEER TO HELP OUT IN YOUR SPECIAL WAY. Get involved. Perhaps I also speak for many healers, teachers, visionaries, way showers, care givers, inventors and charities.

Everyone needs their house, windows and clothes cleaned, meals cooked, garden maintained, shopping done, work edited or transcribed, messages promoted, digital skills, running errands, a listening ear… etcetera. (For example: I spend at least two hours daily chopping wood and carrying water - cleaning, cooking etc before I can even think to begin working.) When travelling, we appreciate comfortable accommodation, transportation and meals. People like you and I rolling up our sleeves and working will change the world.

Do you have a vacant house or room to provide sanctuary? - or extra funds to give to causes and people whose work you admire? Find someone in your area whose contribution you wish to support — and just do it.

May I suggest it’s best if you don’t want their time or energy for yourself in any needy way? You will make a fabulous contribution by just showing up and doing the work. Please feel free to share your ideas of how we can help others at this critical juncture in our evolution/devolution.