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Cedar's 'To Do' List for Alleviating 'Ascension Symptoms'


Managing the 'Ascension Symptoms' of the End and Beginning Times

Cedar Rivers


'Ascension Symptoms' is the common term for the physical and mental pain and distress experienced by some due to the massive evolutionary change. We are not ascending anywhere. Rather, we are retrieving the Soul to fully embody Higher Self and Soul here on Earth. When the DNA is enlivened with Soul it fully activates the merkabah/ vessel/chariot making 'paranormal' abilities normal. This is known as enlightenment.


I offer these general suggestions to help find ways to alleviate any pain you may be experiencing during these intense times.

Symptoms can often be very debilitating so I have collated this list for you from actions that have worked for me.

Use them as signposts to embellish and tailor for your individual needs.

Links to help identify specific symptoms and other goodies can be found at the end of this Cedar's To Do List.


Acknowledgement  - Breathe through the pain and acknowledge it with a personal affirmation.

Alchemy - Turn discomfort into love, and pain into insights.

Alkalise - Explore your body needs. You may benefit from more alkaline food, and supplements.

Allowing - Identify your symptoms, accept the changes, and allow the metamorphosis to follow its course.

Appreciation - Find new things to be grateful for each day. Acknowledge with words and actions.

Belonging - If you have outgrown old relationships you may overcome any feelings of loneliness by magnetising spiritual family.

Breathe - Your vibrational frequencies are quickening. Breathe through pain to help symptoms subside and to open new possibilities.

Centering - Devise daily visualisations and activities for grounding intense environmental energies.

Choice - If old attitudes, beliefs and habits no longer work for you - make the effort to choose new ones.

Community - Being discerning and non-judgemental aids harmonious relations. Reach out and assist others.

Create - Begin a completely new and exciting creative project and carry it through to completion.

Detoxify - Research detoxification, colonic irrigation, fasting, cleansing.

Discernment - Remove negative people and petty tyrants from your life. Be discerning in who and what you give your energy to.

DNA - Study the spiritual secrets of the DNA.

Exercise - Daily movement by dancing, yoga, walking, jogging, running, hiking, or swimming.

Expansiveness - Communicate with Mother Earth, the Sun, moon, planets, stars, comets, galaxies - learn from their energies.

Focus -  Be open to discovering completely new perspectives and new insights.

Forgiveness - Do the inner work for love and self love.

Freedom - Let go. Be in your heart. Self-sovereignty.

Friends - Get together often to drink tea, share a meal, movie, walk and talk.

Future Self - Envision how you and your loved ones may live when DNA, body, mind and spirit are consciously and naturally elevated.

Grounding - Spend time each day in a garden, forest, beach or park. Get naked in nature if you can.

Home - Accept that the earth plane is your home. Develop your awareness to connect with your multidimensional and starry selves.

Initiative - Self sovereignty. Refrain from calling on others until you have exhausted all possibilities yourself.

Journal - your spiritual awakening. Track the symptoms and changes throughout this unprecedented Spiritual Renaissance.

Juicing - Daily juicing, and consider a juice fast for one or two days a week.

Language - Words have such power. What messages are you conveying to yourself and others? Drop circular complaints.

Listen - Go within. Listen with your heart. Discover the joy both here and on the other side of the 'veil'.

Living Beings - All forms of life on earth are being affected. Your added compassion and assistance is needed now.

Medical Tests - Seek medical advice and tests if your intuition and logic guides you to do so.

Meditation - Have quiet time each day with personal meditation and growth for you alone.

Not alone - Be kind to others. Everyone is experiencing Ascension Symptoms whether they know it or not.

No Whingeing - Refrain from talking up the pain. Own that everything in your world is yours. Focus internally to garner insights.

Personal Evolution - Consider your growth as an individual, and look for fresh perspectives.

Positivity - Be vigilant in having a positive outlook, choose life affirming thoughts.

Presence - expands your consciousness. Live in the 'now' with awareness, humour, creativity and kindness.

Relationships - Prioritise your loved ones with time, generosity, energy and finding new ways to express your love and caring.


Release - outmoded ways of thinking, feeling, doing, being. This takes imagination and attentiveness.


Requests - Ask the Unseens such as angels, guides, power animals, and nature spirits for help and to turn the intensity down.

Research -  the benefits of apple cider vinegar, salt, 'forced' exercise, meditation, guided yoga, and magnetics and consciousness.

Rest - Be gentle with yourself. Rest without guilt. Take lengthy baths and cool showers. Play your favourite music and dance.

Salt - Salt scrubs or a warm bath with epsom salts. Drink water with half teaspoon himalayan or celtic sea salt twice a day.

The Now - Practice living in timeless existence. Past, present and future are collapsing into one.

Vitality - Eliminate processed food for inner health and energy. Drink pure water, and eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Water - Water. Water. Drink 10 glasses per day. Bathe in it. Swim in it. Bless it.

Wellness Therapies - such as homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, spa treatments, and massage help enormously.



My book The New Frontier: multidimensionality shines a light on what many are experiencing of their multidimensionality and interdimensionality, or the quantum state within.


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